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Wild Blueberries

Don’t Eat Blueberry Flavoured Foods.

Don’t eat blueberry flavoured foods. This may sound like strange advice coming from a site which promotes blueberries but trust us. This is very good advice.

When looking over the ingredients of blueberry flavoured foods, you will more than likely see a listing for blueberry bits. Now if you are the type of person to wonder what part of a blueberry does a bit come from, I have your answer. A blueberry bit contains no blueberry at all. In fact, the closest this bit has ever come to a real blueberry depends how far the cereal section is located from the produce section

A blueberry bit is made from sugar, corn cereal, modified food starch, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial flavor, cellulose gum, salt and artificial colours like Blue #2, Red #40, Green #3 and Blue #1. Some companies refer to the bit as a nugget or crunchlets.

We all know that blueberries are good for us. They contain loads of antioxidants and are low in fat. So why do companies use chemicals to mimic the blueberry and not add actual blueberries? Money. Chemical are a lot cheaper to use than real blueberries but they do not provide any of the benefits.

These products are all packaged in boxes which display large ripe blueberries and the word “blueberry” is used in the product name. But as long as they do not claim the product contains something it does not in the ingredients, they call the product whatever they wish. It is dishonest but not illegal. The old saying “caveat emptor” let the buyer beware is applicable to food as well.

So never mind buying that blueberry flavor cereal. Instead invest in a package of either fresh or frozen berries (both are equally good for you) and sprinkle them on the cereal of your choice. That way you are sure you are getting the antioxidant benefits of the real blueberries.

This deception is not limited to only cereal but also to breads and muffins. Some products do contain real blueberry but if you see the ingredients Blue #2, Red #40, Green #3 and Blue #1 then give it a pass.
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