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One day with the Nexus 6. This is the way it should be. Didn't Google release the M preview less than a a week ago? Haha. 

Uninstalling Exchange 2013 cleanly is a chore. Gotta read the small print when you undertake that task. 

Introduced a Exchange 2013 server to my Exchange 2010 implementation.  Ugh.  And I thought the EAC in Exchage 2010 was bad.  Spent a day trying to get the ecp virtual directory to display all the options properly.  

Am I really going to go for KixKat on my well over three year old Galaxy Tab? Why not? Thanks to the guys at Cyanogenmod. 

Jumped on jailbreaking an iPhone 5s, but I was bit too quick since the a lot of the software hasn't been updated to support the 5s. 

Cisco equipment seems to taking over my main MRTG screen now that I'm monitoring my WLC and ASA. Add a router and a switch and Linux will be lost in there. 

Upgraded my Galaxy Tab to CyanogenMod 10.1 (finally profiles), and rooted and unlocked the boot loader on my G-Slate. I have got to get that thing off of Honeycomb. 

Is it just me or does Facebook Home sound like malware?

Installing the Magic Jack software in Windows 8 Pro must be what it would be like to park a 1974 Ford Pinto in Bill Gates' garage. 

Got OpenVPN installed on my rooted ICS installation. More of a proof of concept. DNS does not work and it is not really practical for a two factor implementation. 
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