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21C Workflow  - 
What is an "EMPLOYTEER"? 

What I had in mind this morning was that having some formal way for individuals like myself to serve as an unpaid volunteer for some ongoing project and having unpaid volunteers work on parts of my project COULD be be structured as a way to create a "mutual benefit network" and to build personal "social credit" by volunteering and recieve benefit by posting assignments of your own for volunteers to complete.

As I am imagining it, it could be constructed as a way to construct part of a CV/Resume, build a portfolio of accomplishments and the potential to further estabkish yourown reputation with ratngs and help to further the reputation of others by posting recommendations on their page. 

I'm neither focused nor organized enough to follow through with such a project, even if it actually represented anything practical, and I can't see that it would require an entire insitutional format anyway. It could well be adopted ad hoc by anyone who found sufficient use for it, if/when and how they chose and simply be spread virally with each person/group deveveloping a customized version that reflects their needs, offers badges or whatever.

Interesting enough to talk about?

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+Grizwald Grim precisely. The weaning off is the unlearning is the scaffold is the transition.

It's one of the few ways to change a system, by building a new one and allowing others to discover and adopt, thereby gradually obsolescing the old.

Never ever fight the old. The old withers and dies perfectly well out of its own inherent dynamics.
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