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Found some interesting article somewhere on the Net regarding SharePoint weakness...


Hacktics Research Group Security Advisory

By Irene Abezgauz, Hacktics.

I. Overview
During a penetration test performed by Hacktics' experts, a persistent
cross-site scripting vulnerability was identified in the SharePoint document
handling module. This vulnerability allows attackers to gain control over
valid user accounts, perform operations on their behalf, redirect them to
malicious sites, steal their credentials, and more. 

A friendly formatted version of this advisory, including a video
demonstrating step-by-step execution of the exploit, is available in:

II. The Finding
The document module of the SharePoint server allows attackers to inject
malicious scripts into dynamically generated web content through file
uploading. These scripts will be executed in the browser of any user viewing
the infected content (persistent cross site scripting).

Further research and correspondence with Microsoft Security Response Center
has identified that a partial mention of this vulnerability appears in
CVE-2008-5026. However, as this is only partial, there is no bugtraq record
for this vulnerability and there is no fix (making it still valid on most
SharePoint deployments), we have decided to release this to the list. 

III. Details
The Documents module is vulnerable to persistent cross site scripting: 

An attacker can inject malicious scripts into a file and upload it. When any
user will access the uploaded file, it will be displayed directly on their
browser (rather than having the file downloaded to the computer), and the
malicious script will be executed in the context of the vulnerable
SharePoint site. 

This vulnerability can obviously be exploited with HTML files (as mentioned
in CVE-2008-5026), but can also be exploited with any other file type parsed
as HTML by the browser. In our testing we were able to reproduce this with
uploads of TXT files as well.

IV. Exploit
An attacker can embed a malicious script (for example -
<script>alert("XSS")</script> in a document uploaded to the SharePoint site.
When any other user (an administrative user or a regular user who views
documents in the system) opens the file - the malicious script will be
executed on their browser. 

V. Vendor Response
We have contacted the Microsoft Security Response Team on 13-Dec-2009.
Microsoft response to the point was that this is a known issue, and is
considered a low impact vulnerability by Microsoft for the following

1. Authentication and the ability to write to the SharePoint site are
required to exploit this scenario.
2. Significant workarounds exist that allow SharePoint server configurations
to be isolated from cross domain exploitation.
3. SharePoint administrators can restrict the uploading of files to
SharePoint servers.

Hacktics' research team has reviewed this response and has certain
reservations with this response. Having users authenticate and upload
documents is the inherent functionality of SharePoint. Many organizations
have implemented complex environments on top of this functionality, with
need for strict authorization separation which is easily circumvented using
this exploit.

Moreover, although the proposed workaround does indeed reduce the risk of
this vulnerability, it requires a rather complex configuration to setup and
maintain, especially with internet-facing environments. Such a solution may
not be easily adopted by most SharePoint administrators. 

Finally, restriction of uploading files may indeed provide a solution, but
may very well not be acceptable by the system's users.

It is important to note that despite this response, Microsoft has fixed this
problem entirely in SharePoint 2010. 

VI. Solution/Workaround
There is currently no fix to the problem and Microsoft has no plan of
releasing one for SharePoint 2007. Once SharePoint 2010 is officially
released this could be resolved by upgrading to SharePoint 2010.

Nonetheless, in case this poses a security risk, a suggested workaround is
proposed by Microsoft, to build the SharePoint site with separate host name
for each collection, as described in:

As already mentioned, this may involve complex configuration and
maintenance, and does not provide a full solution to the risk. It is
therefore recommended that uploading of HTML files, as well as any text type
files will be disabled in the SharePoint configuration. 

VII. Affected Systems
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

VIII. Credit
The vulnerability was discovered by Irene Abezgauz, Hacktics Ltd.

Ofer Maor
CTO, Hacktics
Chairman, OWASP Israel


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Muhd Hafiz Ahmad

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Who would like to give a shot first?
For developers accepting the challenge:
Schedule. Entrance. Register on location, find your seat, connect to the test-server (plan enough time for this purpose). 14:00–18:00 (local time) Contest. The exciting part in which you fight through the levels. after 18:00. Award ceremony and buffet; Prizes are awarded, we provide snacks+beer.
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I love the idea, great innovation n i appreciate it
Would you use a Microsoft Surface computer if it ran Android?

I'm not sure, but three ex-Google employees have made what looks very much like a Microsoft Surface clone and equipped it with Android in hopes that you'll answer yes to that question. The Remix computer comes with detachable keyboard cover, a kickstand, and a UI that seems like a mix between Android, Chrome OS, and Microsoft's Metro Modern UI.
Microsoft Surface is thin, powerful, portable, and has a keyboard that doesn't add any bulk. The only problem for some people is that it runs Windows. Three
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For my fellow friends in Malaysia (cause they can understand this) from Chinese or Indian doesn't matter, I share this with you...

#chines #indian #mualaf #muslim
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For those who bashing on Islam about womens rights in Islam, please watch this till end.

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I wish to own one of this...

#aquarium #fishtank
When it comes to pimping out a fish tank, a novice might purchase a bag of brightly colored gravel and a few plastic ornaments.
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Muhd Hafiz Ahmad

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#Sony seems ready for Lollipop on its #Xperia lineup.
Learn more about some minor changes that it seems Sony is planning for its Android 5.0 Lollipop update, as the navigation keys seem different.
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Hi guys, I would like to ask you guys about such script to be put on Client Side level, what is the impact or loophole that can interrupt the actual payment calculation process inside an online payment form. Care to discuss this guys?

I give you an example which I manage to get from an online payment form from a company. I believe this script exposed to some potential threat.

* I'm not a hacker ;-P

#script #clientside #javascript #programming #security #codes #oracle 
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+Derrick Slopey thanks Derrick, very informative.
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Watch this to learn about IS (Islamic State)...

#IS #ISIS #IslamicState #DaulahIslamiyah #Mujahidin
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Hey guys, feel free to share your opinion by answering this simple question.

#Smartphone  #Android #iPhone #Apple #Google #Blackberry  #WindowsPhone
Android or iPhoneShare your pro's and con's regarding this battle, why and why and why?
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