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Tony Ng
Whom have I in heaven but you?
Whom have I in heaven but you?

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"[The Gillard government's] defining characteristic is and will remain one person's determination to cling to power, whatever the cost to her colleagues and her party."

And one might add, her country.

The one person in Australia who is less popular than Tony Abbott and she's the one Labor chooses? Good work.

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Watching the #Enthronement  of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Weird African drums and dancing in the church.

The longest suicide note in history continues to be written by the ALP.

The Australian public will watch you die with pleasure.


#spill at 4:30pm


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Lost: giant glasses, left-side tip slightly uneven.

Some great street art pics here:

" #TBTF is the rich man's #YOLO "

Greece, Italy, and the ALP - democracy means stupid voters result in stupid leaders. 

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