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What does this mean?? If you know ÿøú
Will get to message with me
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i didn't call u a lyer, i thought the word ''Lire'' means ''Lyer''!!
Lire in French is the verb infinitive "to read"
meaning if u would say "J'aime lire" it translates "I like to read"
It may mean that but this one is a different one but

U r welcome! no biggy... Can u add me plz?
Im messaging u rite now or tring too
Jess I.
IT MEANS READ!! That I right because I haw some bracelet that I got from school that says read in a bunch if different langurs and that was on it . The bracelet looked just like that
It means read. And I was the first to know that and don't be mad at +Zuri Ross because maybe she didnt know it meant read or she thought it was something else. I don't wanna sound mean but I have been taking French for at least 6 years and I know so many verbs and other stuff. Lire has a rough translation but it generally means "to read"
It means read............who doesn't know that
omg can we just give it a rest? it means to read for crying out loud!
Am I the only one that knows that her account it's fake? 1+ the comment if you agree with me! 
i dont know but who you really know if someone who is a celebrity, and if their account is real is if you see a little badge on the side with a check on it, its like light grey with a check.
it says live duh it just got messed up on v and looks like an r
it does not say live. it obviously said lire....duhh
lire is a french literary magazine covering both french or foreign literature
Oh my gosh u are a mazing I wish I was you
It says liar that's what it seems
maens someone who broke ur heat bye liying lol
It says... Im not going to tell right now because people are going to know...
you and me...same age. lets be friends
It to tell something that is not true or also known as a fib
You say something that's not true
The basic monetary of italy until replace by euro in 2002 nontionally equal to 100 centesimos
Lire-basic monetary unit of italy (until replaced by the euro in 2002) notionally equal to 100 centesimos.
lire basic monetary unit of italy unitl replaced by the euro in 2002.
Im just saying out was wrong and then other people started copying
And shut up its wrong any way you didn't get message do Its wrong
The basic monetary unit of Turkey, equal to 100 kurus
t tella
Lire is french
I'm from Paris but in 4th grade i was living in new York
t tella
Omg I was telling them but they would not listen 
t tella
Btw look at my post on flawless I bet you won't because you to gullible to do it
t tella
Read in French for the last time
t tella
Thank you and ist does not read the comment above
t tella
Me I am cute get it got it good
U think this a joke get a life
t tella
I have a life you don't I bet your in the 1st grade and your 10
I bet u in 2 GRADE AND U 11 STUIPD
t tella
You stupid and I am in 5th grade and 10 so get it straight
Little girl like I said u stupid and ugly
t tella
You ugly and stupid with mustache across that face
O know u did just say I have a mustache u look like u came from China 
t tella
You don't even know what I look like
So what u think that's me lol u slow 
t tella
It is read in French now bye and don't talk to me
t tella
Can you leave me alone and can you not
t tella
Like what can you not and can you leave me alone
It means if someone tells something that is not true
What what is your name on your hangouts
Are u a girl or boy😘😘
A girl and my name is lexi butts for hangouts
I think it means something interesting
This means when u tell a story alot
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