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creator of Grandmother Fish, the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers.
creator of Grandmother Fish, the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers.

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We humans wasted no time in spreading out across central and east Asia. 

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Tuesday I'm presenting half of my evidence for a historical Jesus, after presenting the first half as part of debate last summer. My message to the Seattle Skeptics is simple: when we apply skeptical inquiry to Jesus mythicism, it turns out to be indefensible.

Here's the outline of my presentation, with plenty of links to supporting pages. 

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My fellow liberals love to talk about how bad things are and are really slow to acknowledge liberal progress. Nutrition has been a giant win in America. Today, if a child is malnourished, you can bet it's because of a parent's decision not to go get free food. Sometimes it's because the poor kid is on a macrobiotic diet, but those have gone out of fashion.

As for hunger, it's rare enough that the government mostly tracks "food insecurity". You're food insecure if you don't know where your next meal is coming from, but usually you get that next meal one way or another. Liberals get enthusiastic about hunger, so they like to talk about how many people in America "are hungry". This article says it's over 10% of our population. But these figures are not for how many people are hungry today. They represent how many people have been food-insecure at least once in the last 12 months. If 35 million people have been food insecure in the last 12 months, then about 2 million of them are food-insecure today, and most of those 2 million end up getting the meals that they weren't sure of.

Liberals treat "food insecurity" as if it were euphemism for hunger, but it means something different and less scary than "hunger".

How can we convince people that the welfare state is a good idea if we refuse to tout the victories of the welfare state? How can we show that liberalism is about taking care of each other when we liberals refuse to crow about how well our systems take care of people? 

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Emotions > facts

We liberals want to improve society and move things forward. That's great. We focus on problems because those are the things that need to be fixed. Inevitably, we tend to see things as worse than they are. Since we focus on problems, we are slow to take pride in the vast advances we have made in the liberal direction. We don't talk much about our successes. When a president like Obama comes along, lots of liberals oppose him for not being liberal enough. When a candidate like Hillary comes along, she represents decades of progress and the promise of more, but for many liberals she is not liberal enough to vote for. The liberal successes that she represented were not enough, and now those successes are being rolled back.

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You can't refuse to sell flowers for a mixed-race wedding. You can't refuse to sell flowers for a Muslim wedding. You can't refuse to sell flowers for a gay wedding. Not here in Washington state, you can't. 

Here’s my informal list of the more or less public things I'm doing this year.

done 2017
Darwin Day

to-do 2017
not-officially-announced RPG. ongoing
Nova Blitz face to face event. tonight
Historical Jesus talk. February 21st
humanist family game days. March onward
Ides of March. March 15th
Norwescon. April 13th–16th
March for Science. April 22nd
author visit, Vroman’s. May 13th
college reunion. June 2nd-4th
game liquidation fundraiser or tournament for Planned Parenthood. spring?
Secular 4th of July. July 4th
Go Play NW. July 7th-9th
honest debate with Seattle Atheists. summer?
get started with Karen on the next kids’ book of evolution. summer?
unannounced Kickstarter. fall
University of Washington game design class. October to December
unannounced trip. November
finish Clades and Clades: Prehistoric. December ship date
Secular Winter Potluck. December

maybe some other year
friends’ primeval dance course
secular nature field trips
Seattle Atheist book club
Critical Northwest
Gen Con
Think Evolution
Jesus book

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Lots of great charts on hate crimes, especially hate crimes against Muslims before 9-11, just after 9-11, and then in the following years. We could really use some current data because things have sure changed with the surge in active white nationalism.

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