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Find out why immunotherapy works so well against cancer. Call us at 09189151284 today for a free consultation. Dr. Farrah is your answer for cancer.
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Researchers Discover Broccoli-Yogurt Concoction Killed 75% Of Bowel Cancer Tumors In Mice
Would eating Broccoli-based yogurt be appetizing to you? Not unless you’re treating potential colon cancer or have colon cancer already!

This unlikely combination of yogurt and broccoli was concocted by a research team from the National University of Singapore. Apparently, the team of researchers and professors headed by Matthew Chang and Chun-Loong Ho experimented with a harmless bacteria in our gut called Escherichia coli Nissle. Using genetic methods, they developed this bacteria into a probiotic that can attach itself to the surface of colon cancer cells and secrete an enzyme to change a substance found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables into a powerful anti-cancer agent.

Broccoli, a recognized superfood, is known to possess a cancer-fighting chemical called “sulforphane”. On the other hand, yogurt has probiotics which help maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms in our gut.

The combination of broccoli and yogurt resulted in a very powerful probiotic that killed almost all of the colon cancer cells grown in the laboratory. This yogurt-broccoli mixture managed also to kill 75% of the tumors in mice with colon cancer. The number of tumors happened to be three times lower than the group of mice that were not given the broccoli-yogurt combination.

However, the experiment applies only to colon cancer cells and does not apply to any other types of cancer such as stomach, breast or prostate cancers.

The researchers were enthusiastic that with the successful results of the study, they could integrate the broccoli-yogurt combination into “our normal diet with a sustainable, low-cost therapeutic regimen,” said Chang.

The research team was looking into using the broccoli-based yogurt for cancer prevention or for removal of any residual cancer cells after removal of the tumors through surgery. The team foresees a great future combining existing probiotics yogurt in the market now with broccoli as a low-cost solution to fight colon cancer. The study’s findings were published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Colon cancer – a growing menace in the U.S.

Colon cancer, otherwise known as colorectal cancer, is a kind of cancer that starts in the colon or rectum which is part of our large intestine. The cancer starts off as small, benign clumps of cells known as adenomatous polyps which may turn into colon cancers as time progresses.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S. now. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that almost 140,000 Americans are living with this disease with 51,651 who died because of it.

The risk of colon cancer is greater among older adults with more than 90% of the cases found in people 50 years old and older. Other risk factors include Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, having inflammatory bowel diseases, a history of colon cancer or colorectal polyps, and a genetic syndrome such as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) or Lynch syndrome.

We suggest that you have yourself screened for colorectal cancer if you have these symptoms: blood in your stool, aches, stomach pain, cramps that don’t go away or sudden weight loss. Of course, the Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center has always an “all-natural, organic and painless” way of treating cancers and other debilitating diseases.

If you are interested to know more about these kinds of all natural, naturopathic treatments, do not hesitate to visit our website at
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Health Benefits of Spanish Plum Commonly Known Locally as Siniguelas!
Siniguelas, also known elsewhere as red mombin, Spanish plum, purple plum, java plum, red plum, purple mombin or wild plum, is a tropical fruit that grows as a shrub requiring little management that is seasonally common during summer.

It is a fruit that originates from Latin America and brought to the Philippine islands where they were planted and grown since the year 1800.

To date, Spanish plum can be seen in several provinces across the Philippines. The Filipino people usually call this fruit as the “food of the Gods”.

A bit juicy and featuring a sweet taste, siniguelas is usually eaten with a pinch of salt or with vinegar.

Benefits of Eating Siniguelas

Some benefits of siniguelas are not so obvious. Here are some of them –

It is an antioxidant

Siniguelas contain antioxidants which make your skin looking beautiful, healthy, and glowing. It also has a lot of Vitamin C which protects you from communicable diseases such as fever, coughs and colds. Antioxidants provide “free radicals” that helps protect against damage to neurons in the brain. This fruit also has the so called phenols that contains a lot of nutrients which are widely researched and studied.

It controls cholesterol

Imbued with Vitamin C, siniguelas is known to control your cholesterol from clogging your arteries and preventing oxidation or oxygen from moving around the body. IT is able to neutralize illnesses such as hardened arteries, asthma, colon cancer, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Eat a few times each week to prevent high cholesterol levels.

It enhances iron absorption

Siniguelas enhances iron absorption from the foods we eat, especially when combined with Vitamin C.

It has other nutrients that benefit the body

Aside from the medicinal uses given above, siniguelas can also provide large amounts of Vitamin A. Other nutrients you can glean from siniguelas are beta carotene, potassium and dietary fiber. Of course, the Vitamin C in it is an immunity builder from common colds, coughs, and fevers.

It prevents Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an age-related disease that affects a person’s eyes. The fragile tissues of the eyes are degenerating because of old age. A person may experience difficulty in seeing things or the worst is to eventually become blind.

Studies indicate that at least three servings of siniguelas frequently eaten has the ability to fight against macular degeneration.

Those who eat plum frequently are reported to incur 36% lower incidence of macular degeneration.

Where can siniguelas be found?

The Siniguelas fruit is not commonly sold in supermarkets. It may be found in the traditional markets in the provinces. However, certain specialty markets and grocery stores might stock up on it on-season.

It is typically eaten raw. Some cooks create jellies or process the fruit to make vinegar or wine.
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Simple Natural Home Remedies to Reduce Gum Swelling
Have you experienced an episode of gum swelling and just couldn’t concentrate on your job?

You see gum swelling is becoming a common problem these days. These gums may turn bright pink in color and may look irritated, painful or just plain sensitive.

What causes gum swelling? A number of factors may be the cause. It could be because of nutritional deficiencies, gingivitis, bad dental fittings, infection, sensitivity to toothpaste, an injury due to incorrect brushing, etc.

The important thing is to keep the pain and swelling down with proper oral hygiene and some good old home remedies. Let’s start with a few tips:

A good home remedy for swollen gums, turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that helps remove your swelling and inflammation, as well as eliminate pain.

Turmeric also is an antibacterial that helps eliminate the cause of dental diseases.


Take ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder
Add a few drops of water and make a paste
Apply the paste on gums with a clean finger
Leave paste on for 5 minutes, massaging gently onto gums
Rinse off later with warm water
Repeat daily 2x for 1-2 weeks
Rock Salt with water
Rock salt with water is another effective cure for swollen gums. The salt prevents the growth of bacteria in your mouth and prevents infections that may lead to several dental issues.


After brushing your teeth gently with a soft brush, take a few grains of rock salt and gently rub on your gums. Rinse off with warm water. Do this once daily but after your gums become healthy, do it 3x a week to prevent recurrence.
Another ways is to add ½ – 1 teaspoon of salt to a glass of lukewarm water. Rinse your mouth twice daily with this until the swelling goes down.
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a great natural remedy for treating swollen or bleeding gums. This herb has anti-inflammatory attributes; it also prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth that causes plaque.


Find an aloe vera leaf and cut open
Get the gel and rub onto your gums using your clean finger
Massage for 1-2 minutes
Rinse off with warm water
Repeat several times daily until you can feel the improvement
Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic features that can ease or give quick relief to your swollen gums.


Mix a few drops of the oil in a glass of warm water. Use as mouthwash twice daily.
Apply a little tea tree oil to your daily toothpaste to ease the pain and discomfort.
Do this daily until you feel the improvement.
Oil Pulling
An ancient Ayurvedic medical practice, oil pulling helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth that is the main reason for the infection. It also strengthens the gums and prevents plaque formation.


Put 1 tablespoonful of sesame oil in your mouth
Slosh the oil around your mouth and around your gums for 15-20 minutes
Spit out the oil, then rinse your mouth with warm water
You can brush your teeth now.
Apply daily in the morning before brushing your teeth.
Caution: Do not gargle or swallow the oil.

Black Tea Bags
Tea bags have tannins which are known to reduce inflammation of the gums. It is also a good antioxidant.


Leave a tea bag in boiling water for 2-3 minutes
Remove and allow to cool in room temperature
Apply the tea bag on the swollen area of your gums for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse your mouth with a warm salt-water solution
Repeat process once daily for the next few days
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Frozen Lemons to Cure Diabetes, Tumors, and Obesity
Lemons and other citrusy fruits like kaffir lime, calamansi, etc. are “superfoods”, not because they add a citrusy taste to most dishes but they also have lots of health benefits to their consumers.

And one of these benefits includes “anti-cancer properties”!

Lemon’s juice contains flavonoids that are considered antioxidants – anti-cancer producing chemicals that can also be used to treat many diseases. So to be able to preserve all those goodness in the lemon rind (peel), we do suggest “freezing them”.

What are the benefits of freezing lemon peel?
Compounds in the lemon peel have the ability to strengthen the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels, and even prevent the development of cancer.

The fragrant peel has also a strong anti-microbial effect, as well as the ability to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Also, the compounds have the capacity to remove internal worms and parasites.

Lemon peels have 5 to 10 times more vitamins than their juice. And of course, everyone knows that every detox method always includes their lemon water, lemonade or lemon tea at hand.

The Greatest Health Benefits of Lemon
Here are the health benefits of lemons and their cousins:

Cancer prevention
Reduced risk of stroke
Prevent and treat inflammation
Immunity boost
Protection against asthma symptoms
Have anti-bacteria properties
Prevention and treatment of depression and stress
Kidney and liver cleanse
Lemons and Cancer
Aside from Vitamin C content, lemons have been tested that it helps to remove toxic waste from the body, specifically in the treatment of Cancer.

There is a strong relation between lemon and the treatment of cancer. There are numerous studies showing the capability of lemons to destroy abnormal cancer cells. And yes, many studies have confirmed this possibility.

About 20 laboratory tests since 1970 have been conducted on the extracts from frozen lemons. It has been established that lemons can destroy the malignant cells in 12 different cancers, including prostate, pancreas, breast, and lung cancers. It has also been established that lemons can destroy cancer cells about 10,000 times more effectively and safely than chemotherapy.

Moreover, these studies also discovered that lemon extract destroys cancer cells while leaving the healthy human cells intact.

Get the Most from Your Lemons
According to the research, there is an active ingredient in the lemon peel and not in the pulp or pith. Drinking lemon as a smoothie is better than a juice because you can include the whole fruit in a smoothie, including the peel and pulp.

How to prepare your lemons

If your lemons are not organically grown,wash and disinfect it with organic apple cider vinegar or baking soda
Rinse them well under running water. Towel dry after.
Freeze them overnight.
If you notice that they are completely frozen, grate it in a whole, — pulp, peel, seeds and all.
Transfer your grated lemons into ice cube trays, and store them in the freezer. Use whenever you need a hint of citrus fruit.
Then, use it on whatever you are eating. Lemon peels will give a stronger taste to your dishes. Add some grated lemon peels to your dishes like soups, sauces, pasta, etc. Add a tablespoon of your grated lemons to your smoothie, tea, or juice. They also go well with baked goods.
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My hope is that I can impart some words of wisdom and hope for the 2018 graduates regarding life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
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Mary Grace had tried most every diet, fad and scheme to lose her excess weight. She finally consulted a doctor, and fortunately that was Dr. Farrah. Mary Grace felt that dieting was really just “die” followed by a “ting”. Dr. Farrah helped reach her weight loss goal with accountability, determination, encouragement and love. Come see us today and learn how to safely and effectively drop your unwanted kilos.

1 Timothy 4:8 says: “For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having a
promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

We believe that EVERYONE has the right to visit with a Medical Doctor without paying anything at all.
This is why EVERY check up, consult, exam, and visit with our doctors is ALWAYS 100% FREE. #DrFarrahMD
#cancercure #bostonc #naturaloncology 🇵🇭 ‍⚕️ 09189151284
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Dr Farrah TV interview
A TV interview of Dr. Farrah and her advocacy of promoting natural medicine and
organic food. As a reminder, consults and exams with Dr. Farrah are always free. BFAD LTO-3000002479997
@pitahcofficial #drfarrahmd
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Sir Ferdinand's recovery from Liver Cirrhosis
As a child, I lost a very dear grandfather to liver cirrhosis. When a patient like Sir Ferdinand wins the fight against liver cirrhosis, I feel great happiness from helping their family to avoid the pain and loss that I endured as a youngster, when my own Grandpapa passed away.

Heb 6:10 teaches us that, "God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them."

We believe that EVERYONE has the right to visit with a Medical Doctor without paying anything at all. This is why EVERY check up, consult, exam, and visit with our doctors is ALWAYS 100% FREE. #DrFarrahMD #cancercure #bostonc #naturaloncology 🇵🇭 ‍⚕️ 09189151284
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