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Simon Plent
Simon Plent is a marketing/creative consultant based near Cambridge UK.
Simon Plent is a marketing/creative consultant based near Cambridge UK.

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You've got to love The Ad Contrarian. Here is on 'storytelling' which is the latest inane buzzword amongst (primarily digitally-focused) marketing people.

"One of the principles that every good copywriter learned in her first six weeks on the job was "tell a story." The reason is simple -- people remember stories (sadly, storytelling has now become an inescapable and insufferable cliché that every dimwit marketing poseur is required by law to mention twice in every sentence. But we'll leave that for another day.)"

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Decided it was time to give my Freelance Copywriter Cambridge a bit of a spring clean. So the new site is just about finished. You can see it at

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Busy working with Kiss in Cambridge and Space01 in Guildford. And there's a new blog at

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There seems to be a worrying tendency for business owners to let their websites be utterly dictated too by Google rankings. So that their sales propositions are replaced by bland SEO-friendly generic headlines. I rant on about this some more in my, ironically title, Nobody Scrolls blog here:

Back with the lovely chaps and chapesses at Table 19 in their posh new offices next door to The Design Museum. Very swanky and well-deserved, too.

Just posted another quick vid on my Freelance Copywriter Cambridge page about how people are potentially sacrificing getting loads of new customers by concentrating too much on SEO and not enough on selling and conversion...

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Some great stuff, as ever, on my favourite advertising blog by the king of grumpiness, the Ad Contrarian.

Been busy blogging too. There's a lot of nonsense flying around in the advertising and marketing world at the mo (even by their normal high standards!). Having a few, hopefully helpful, rants...

Another great account win (with some help from yours truly) for my chums at Kiss Communications in Cambridge. Well done everyone!
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