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Whats with everyone trying to beat yhorm without the storm ruler. Ive played with this dude 3 times now and he dies every time trying to be the "i can beat yhorm without the storm ruler" guy. I need sunlight medals damnit! Knock it off 

I'm not getting text messages ever since yesterday's update. Anyone having this problem? 

I just got this phone last week (coming from oneplus one), the phone speaker and when I have a wired headset on sound super tinny, what the hell. What are a couple equalizer app I could try out that are good?

Is anyone ng+ around sl 140 willing to help me trade some weapons from one of my characters to the other? Ps3 and ds1 (the best one) 😁

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All of my favorites! Finally!!!

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The team I made in 2k16. Gotta represent dark souls while I ball lol
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Does anyone on ps3 have a character around level 60 that will Co op with me? 

Im trying to get manual focus working on the color os camera on cm12s, do i need to be rooted to flash the or can i use the factory recovery? Ive tried it already and am getting an error and before i keep trying things i want to know if i can even do it with the factory recovery 
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