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Elizabeth Brown
Aspiring author, engineer, and astronaut who works hard, swims hard.
Aspiring author, engineer, and astronaut who works hard, swims hard.

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So I just got back from the One Direction WWA tour and it was so much better than expected! 5SOS kept the energy up and made me smile whenever they talked to the crowd. One Direction was MIND BLOWING live. And the three year old they invited on stage was so adorable. The energy was up and I felt like I truly belonged. Thank you, you amazing 9 boys, for giving me the best night of my life. I love you

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it's already been four years, wow.
time passes really fast when you obsess over a boy band.
i am literally super proud of you boys. you have gone through too much these past years to come where you are now. from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the world. from the x-factor stage to stadiums. the band that lost the x-factor but won the world. 
okay that was really cheesy but i am very proud of you guys. 
i also wanted to thank you for everything.
thank you for all the beautiful memories.
thank you for helping me make new friends.
thank you for being there when no one was.
thank you for cheering me up when i was sad.
thank you for making me feel beautiful when everyone told me different.
thank you for not pointing out my flaws like everyone does, and make me feel slightly better about them.
thank you for helping me gain confidence.
thank you for giving me hope.
thank you for making me feel like i was worth it when everyone told me i was just a waste of space.
thank you for changing and saving my life.
i can't count all the times you have made me smile, laugh, and even cry.
i could start listing some memories but i don't want to cry and stab myself on the eye with a fork right now.
you say that you wouldn't be here without us, but we wouldn't be here without you either. 
there is not much i can do to pay you back for everything you have for me.
but i can promise that i will love and support you until the end. 
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