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Knotted Headwrap
I am in love with knit Headwraps.  They are my new obsession!!!!  I'm trying to grow out my hair, that means not using my blowdryer and flat iron as much.  These headwraps help hide my greasy roots and give me a ton of styling options!  They are also great ...

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Emma...For girlies, tweens, and teens!
I promise more free patterns are coming soon!  Lauralee is even working on some charity patterns for the boys! We just need to get our kiddos back in school, clean our houses, go out to lunch to clear our minds, then we'll get on it! Starting next week - we...

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Kate's Ruffle Bag...Free Charity Pattern
We are so excited to release this FREE bag pattern for our little Charity... Threads That Bind  This is made from my new fabric collection Floriography .  LOVE I'll be making a couple bags this week for two girls in my neighborhood who were injured this las...

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Floriography Giveaway!!!
I've been sewing like mad, but summer is kind of kicking my booty when it comes to actually completing a project! Here's one I finally got done over the weekend using my Floriography Fabric Collection and the Coral Dress and Top Pattern for Girls and Dolls ...

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Floriography is Here!
 Floriography has arrived and will be coming to a quilt shops in the next couple of days!  We're wrapping up the fundraiser for little baby Clara and starting on our free Floriography projects. We'll be posting them all month long!

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So sorry about the delay in Floriography tutorial posts! We got a little side tracked, but for a good cause! Our friend, fabric and pattern designer Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie just had a sweet baby girl in May she named Clara. Just 2 days after she ...

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Chloe & Mieko - Threads That Bind
especially for the Children of Japan who survived the Tusnami in 2011.
Hundreds of shirts were made and sent over to bring love, friendship,
and hope to the children who were affected by the tragedy. This Free
pattern is still available for you to ...

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XO Pillow - Tutorial

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Valentines Pillows - 3 PDF Patterns - FREE
It's almost Valentines Day! I have always been a lover of hearts. If I see a shirt, a pillow, dishes, or anything else that has a heart on it I swoon and more often than not, I cave and buy it. Call it an obsession or maybe I'm just a girly girl at heart. W...

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7 So Lucky - Pillow Tutorial

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