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Mathieu Virbel (tito - txprog)
Director of Melting Rocks - Co-Founder of Ninchanese - Kivy maker
Director of Melting Rocks - Co-Founder of Ninchanese - Kivy maker

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Hey guys, we're launching a Kickstarter for our project:@Ninchanese! … - Done with love using Python, Flask.

Nothing related to Kivy, yet. More to come soon!

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Standing on the shoulders of giants :)

Thanks to the awesome +Kivy developers (and so many more of course) we were able to quickly draft a dailies viewer app which syncs to our web service and runs on 4 of our iPads. This is what our cameraman and the director uses to review the shots and what is used as a tool for assuring continuity.

In case you can't read my bad handwriting on the slate :P It is supposed to read:

"thank you kivy devs" !!
thank you kivy devs :)
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We are proud to announce our monthly Kivy app contest. There is no topic, you can submit any type of application as long as it is written in Kivy. Entries will be judged based on how clean, visually appealing and intuitive the user interface is, an accounting software can be just as mind-bending as an rpg game ;).

Submissions received until the 20th 23:59 UTC will be part of the current month's contest, late submissions will be reviewed in the next cycle. The chosen app is announced on the last day of the current month.

The winner app will be featured on our social network cover images for a full month, with a link to the store page, website or source code. Our new site will have an app of the month section which will hold each month's winner entry. We will also send you a Kivy t-shirt.

The submitted app must be downloadable and runnable for free (screenshots are not enough). It does not have to be a mobile app, desktop applications are fine as well. Software that participated in any of the previous Kivy contests cannot be submitted.

Entries should be sent by making a post on your own wall/stream, following this template (the #kivy hastag must be there and it must work):

My #kivy application is competing for the "Kivy App of the Month" title, check it out!

Source code: <link> (if the app is open source)
Store/website: <link>
Screenshots: <imgur/facebook/google+ gallery link>

As a final step send us the link of your post in a comment for this entry. Good luck and happy coding!

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Installation des Lanternes fini au Musée des Confluences à Lyon.

Les lanternes sont 3 emplacements dans une salle d'exposition permanente, portant sur les thèmes de l'organisation, échanges et création. Au fond de cette salle se trouve les 3 dispositifs interactifs, entièrement réalisé avec #Kivy !

Plus d'informations et de photos plus tard (à l'inauguration presse je suppose).

Ouverture du musée Samedi 20 décembre.

Réalisé par Inook / Haut et Court / Melting Rocks
Musée des Confluences - Lanternes
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Horizontal TV issue with black/white gradient
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De nouvelles recruits sur Ingress! En cours de formation :)
Bienvenue à@shohimi @alexikse et @keepette!

#IngressRecruits #Ingress 
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