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Jaclyn Trosper
Foodie, wino, mama, nurse, endurance junkie...follow me to see how it all gets done!
Foodie, wino, mama, nurse, endurance junkie...follow me to see how it all gets done!

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Always Go Towards The Light
It's a beautiful morning...I'm alone in my king size bed covered in fantastic new linen (gifts from our insanely perfect wedding two weeks ago) husband just left for work...I'm sipping coffee and looking out my bedroom window on the 2.4 acres we own......

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I apologize in advance if this post seems overly personal and the thoughts extremely scattered.  They are and it is.  This is merely MY experience coming home.  From deployment.  From a combat zone.  From a trauma hospital.  Back to my life that has complet...

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The Low Down Skinny (or Healthy)
There's a reason this blog was named Identity Undecided.  Basically this girl goes down so many different life tangents it would have been impossible for me to stick to one topic, so I gave myself the ability to be ADD with this blog (didn't need hindsight ...

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It's Time
I feel like since leaving Afghanistan I’ve had
what I can only describe as writers block towards putting a proverbial pen to
paper on my experiences being gone for a year.   I have scribbled notes and half written blog posts from along the
way... but nothin...

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Boots On Ground
          Boots On Ground...literally   Mom,   I know it's been a while since I've updated you on life here...but unfortunately now that I'm "in country" there is so much that can only be shared in retrospect.  So I may be quiet for a long while, but know t...

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 Cold and hungry Mom, As we near the end of our pre deployment training and look towards our long months in the desert I can't help but reflect on the crazy experience this has been thus far.  I don't think there is any way to truly capture it all in words...

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Mama, Well yesterday was the day...the beginning of the deployment.  It's kind of like ripping off a band aid, it hurts so much in the moment, but then...once the initial sting wears realize you will actually survive.  And we will...all of us. Now...

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The In Between
Mom, I'm not even sure how to explain this to you but I figured you might understand, so I'm going to try.  I've got about a month left until I check in... until I can start counting DOWN the days to coming home instead of counting UP the days until I leave...

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I have so loved following your journey...cause it's so similar to mine.  Though I'm about to pick up Crossfit when I go to Afghanistan (it's FREE there!!).  I can't wait to see how you like Paleo though...I FAR prefer it to vegan...that was hard.  Thanks for always being an inspiration!!

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This one requires kleenex
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