DexProtector 4.8.0 Released, Announcing ART Runtime Support in next version

The new 4.8.0 version of the Android obfuscator DexProtector is out now. DexProtector stands against malicious application repackaging and intellectual property theft by using a set of the best protection techniques. It is encrypting critical application data and scattering numerous integrity checks across its code.

It will help you to protect your Android apps from Ads/In-App Purchases revenue streams re-routing, illegal publishing on alternative app markets, malicious code injection and making malware based on your apps.

What we have got for you in the new version:
- A new native (ARM) implementation of Hide Access function, which works several times faster than Reflection/JNI
- Non-critical minor bugs are fixed

We are planning to add support for ART runtime in the next version. Keep in touch with us.

Free trial version is available on the product’s site:

Minor version updates are free as always. Extended support and security consulting available, email us
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