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Genevieve Flight
Priestess Of Lunar Logos, Esoteric Healer, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach & Public Speaker
Priestess Of Lunar Logos, Esoteric Healer, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach & Public Speaker

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Season Of Open Door Healing For Those Interested

As an Esoteric Healer, I work with Spiritual Masters that render high level of Spiritual Healing irrespective of the type of sickness or its duration.

Our Healing practice is not just based on faith but on fact. Our Masters know very well how to utilise Energy from the Autonomic Nervous System to stimulate any part of the body or organ affected by any kind of illness.

Our Masters channel energy to different Ganglions in the body according to the type of sickness in order to heal it.

Most of the Medical Doctors focus their health diagnosis and treatment on what the Cerebral Nervous System can dictate while most of the involuntary actions in our body system, for example; the Heart, the Lungs, The Kidneys Etc are regulated by the Autonomic Nervous System.

The Medical Community have focused so much of their Research on the Cerebral Nervous System which only regulates the Conscious/voluntary activities.

Our Masters have done Research on both Autonomic and Cerebral Nervous Systems for thousands of years and have known how to balance the human body based on the knowledge of the two systems; the Conscious and the SubConscious.

Our Healing is based on fact and have 100% accuracy. Our Masters are not faith healers but highly skilled Healers who work only for their Esoteric Group but are now extending their Healing hands to the public due to an open door healing program which will last till end of September 2016.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this important healing program, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss further on this.

Do feel free to share this post with those you care about.

Genevieve Flight is an Esoteric Healer & Priestess Of Lunar Logos

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Understanding Spirituality and Spiritual Growth

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Check out this playlist on YouTube:

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#Congrats to #MatthewOgieva -@OgievaMatthew on publishing his 1st #ebook "Why A Positive Attitude Is All You Need" at #smashwords
Please check out his ebook and see how awesome it is.. Matthew will definitely appreciate it. Thanks #GenevieveFlight

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Hi everyone,

Don't forget that the Celestial Alignment of the 5 brightest Planets (Worlds); Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury which started since January 20th will end on Saturday, February 20th.. Hope you can use tomorrow before Sunrise to see if you can get a glimpse of these rare Alignment before they finally say goodbye and disappear..

Moon rules Monday ~ Subconscious Mind, our emotions & our inner self.

Mars rules Tuesday ~ Energy, Action, Drive & Fire in doing things.

Mercury rules Wednesday ~ Communication & relationship with others.

Jupiter rules Thursday ~ Goodluck, infinity & Expansion in life.

Venus rules Friday ~ Passion, Love & Heartfelt Desires.

Saturn rules Saturday ~ Restrictions, Limitations, lessons & Karmas, the Great Teacher.

Sun rules Sunday (Sun Day) - The outer self, the conscious mind, power & our creative ability.

So, you can see the importance of the appearance of these Planets alongside the Sun and the Moon, completing 7 days of the Week as we have it..


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#Truth Of The Day

Don't forget that in the real #Heaven, there's no #Country #Race #Tribe #Religion #Politics #Class #Status #Profession or #Citizenship ..

Everyone stays according to their #Consciousness level based on their actions in this present life .

That's why your #Soul can't escape from gaining higher #Consciousness in this present #life or in your subsequent #Reincarnations..

#SpiritualGrowth #Spirituality #Awareness #Wisdom #Enlightenment #GenevieveFlight

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Very important Day of my Life & Existence ~ 26- 01- 2016
26 - 01- 2016 = 2+6+0+1+2+0+1+6 = 9
26 - 01 = 2+6+0+1 = 9
2016 = 2+ 0+1+6= 9
9 + 9 = 18= 1+ 8= 9
‪#‎Infinity‬ , ‪#‎Eternity‬ & ‪#‎Immortality‬
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