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Thank you Nguyen XYZ and 2 others for the (+)s on this post as what a surprise that is as this full post is free and clean of "line out" my yesterday internet wierditude as I tried all kinds of variations of this full post taking out copy/paste here and there and half posting etc etc with all kinds of mixed results. Amazing here is the full post with out the line out all through it stop and start like some kind of government redaction.

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The difference between the old guard hard liners of the Cold War and the new age of Clintonian* ethics, the Republican imperial presidency of George Bush, all followed up by the convoluted cominglings of a second hand misguided Clintonian opportunism and the Obama-esque* foreign and domestic policy of deconstructionism and reductionism to a Statism* full blown socialism for personal gain, is that the Vietnam era war makers actually believed in and feared in something. The Vietnam industrial military complex held the last shreds of diminishing American moral authority on the world stage of a fast changing geopolitical landscape where American influence is being fazed out along with the American dollar. That generation of World War Two remnants, of might makes right thinkers, war is to destroy and break the will of others to win, generals and politicians at least held the commitment to a principled goal of some kind of benefit based on the American principles of freedom that could be rationally argued. This new age of American random, subjective, rationalism* in politics as a tool for personal influence, power and control is totally different from how Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon or the Bush petro dollar proponents thought about the killing of people. The Clintonian and singular Obama-esque philosophy of self important promotion with out external confirmations has now mutated and evolved into a hybrid untouchable, shadow elite protected, bureaucrat of the New World Order, Mrs. Clinton. If it were not for Donald Trump self funding we would be looking at an election of Clinton verses Bush set up by the money élites, all inside the corruption of a process kept secret. This new personality type of obfuscated ethics, judgment devoid, reality disconnected, enabling of enablers, hypocrite of duplicity, crimes unprosecuted, arrogance of self absorbed pure selfishness has now manifests its self attitudinally in reflection of failure after disaster after disaster of policy, as the proud personal successes of, a greed is good, small thinking, petty, petulant, vindictive, manipulative, and dangerous criminal mind set of Mrs. Clinton, her husband and their foundation of pure fraud that some would argue is treasonous. History is and will continue to view even Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger as men, in the face of all bad outcomes, at least as men “trying” to change the world and protect the world from the evils of Dictators, Totalitarianism and Communism. As bad to horrible as all that did work it’s self out on all sides. The genocides in Cambodia and Vietnam after U.S. withdrawal and all the suicides of over 100,000 U.S. Vietnam veterans, people may say they tried as bad they were and are. I wonder why "The Sean Hannity Show" and talk radio never and that is never talks about the statistical facts of veteran suicide numbers including the Gulf Wars, being higher than combat casualties, as if that fact is/was some kind of taboo, or untouchable topic. For me it is proof positive, unequivocal testimony to how wrong it all is, on every level, to the farthest ends of human comprehension, that people would decide it is better to kill themselves because they can not live with it. That is how wrong it is.

But what Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama have done in the Middle East will be regarded by history as the incompetent and self serving extensions of political personal opportunism at the expense of everything from every imaginable angle of negative measures over time to everyone on all sides. And now what do we have but the worst of the worst that decades of corruption can produce as a presidential nominee that people don’t like don’t want and hate. But is being forced upon a nation by a corrupted and rigged system. This is truly Banana Republic Stuff. Just because it is illegal in some countries to criticize the government that does not it right, or does it now?

(No need to rehash Vietnam here today hence no copy/past on that. To read more opinions on Henry Kissinger and his public comments: “I believe that Obama’s drone strikes caused more collateral damage than the carpet bombing of Vietnam” see compilation of posts below this post titled “Garbage in Garbage out”. Just keep scrolling its all here for the record.

(#1*) (It should be noted that the Wikipedia page has been sanitized since my last copy/past of Clintonian, I know they change all the time, that’s what they do, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clintonian is an ambiguous term that either refers to the political behavior of United States President Bill Clinton or his administrative style and personal group of political allies. Also it represents reform of centrist political position of Democratic Party.
• 1 Ideological sense
• 2 Political sense
• 3 Notes
• 4 See also
Ideological sense
Ideally, Clintonian would a member of the political faction of the United States Democratic Party centered on then President Bill Clinton and his wife, former First Lady of the United States, former U.S. Senator of New York, and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, both in their times in office and subsequently. This faction is also thought to include journalist Sidney Blumenthal, Democratic National Committee Chairman Steven Grossman, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros, Treasury Department Secretary Robert Rubin, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
While the primary qualification is being aligned with or part of the web of political and donor connections associated with the Clintons, the ideology of the faction can be said in broad outline to favor certain policies:
• Free trade: Bill Clinton supported and worked to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement and create the World Trade Organization. Free trade was an essential component of his economic policy.
• Balanced budget: The Clintonians are associated with restraining the growth of federal spending, in order to allow lower interest rates and freer monetary policy.
• Greater willingness to use and fund the military and show up a willingness to compromise on social issues such as abortion and LGBT rights.
• Reform or reduction of some government programs, exemplified by the ending of Aid to Families with Dependent Children as part of welfare reform.
• Internationalism, particularly the expansion of North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
The ideology is sometimes thought of as part of the Third Way, a brand of politics that is said to include (at the time or since) Prime Minister Tony Blair's New Labour in the United Kingdom, the Liberal Party in Canada, and the Social Democratic Party in Germany under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
Political sense
President Clinton spoke after the Lewinsky scandal broke: "There's nothing going on between us." In fact there had been a sexual relationship, which was later proven. Clinton later excused his deceptive statement as 'not false' on the meaning of the word 'is' in the immediate sense of the present tense, confessing to a crafty evasion rather than to a lie. This after-the-fact and lawyerly nit-picking is commonly referred to as a Clintonian defense. The term has entered the lexicon to mean a defensive or revisionary argument which may be legally or logically correct, while the defense remains obscure and foolish to a reasonable person's assessment of content and ordinary meaning.
It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. If the—if he—if 'is' means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement...
— Bill Clinton during the independent counsel testimony.[1]
Following the Lewinsky scandal and the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, the term "Clintonian" has also carried the connotation of verbal craftiness, usually in a political or legal context, intended to deceive or obscure the truth.
"The word Clintonian is in our lexicon and means being sneaky, and tough." -Tony Blankley[2]

1. Of or relating to the Clintonian philosophy.
2. A condition affecting statements. A Clintonian Statement typically skirts the issue or spins words.
1. That new book by Bill Clinton is very Clintonian indeed.
2. (A Clintonian Statement) "It depends upon what your definition of 'is' is." -Bill Clinton.
Someone who uses a position of power to gain sexual favors from subordinates. Basically, a sexual fiend who uses the fear of firing, or the promise of career gain, in order to receive favorable benefits. --Derived from President Bill Clinton
"Richard seduced that new intern at the Christmas party and got a hj in the janitors closet."

"Wow our CEO has no shame, that's such a clintonian move."

Richard Walks in
"I did not have sex with that woman!"

(#2*) Examples
• His speeches have been filled with Obama-esque word pictures, and his tone has been relentlessly upbeat.
Obama, seeking lost magic, crosses country campaigning for Democrats - and himself
• Or the founder of an Obama-esque social movement that mobilizes young people to stop the reprehensible act of an African nation - placing child soldiers on its war's front line as human shields, armed with just a whistle.
Joel John Roberts: The Next Generation of Charity Execs Are Social Entrepreneurs
• At the beginning of dinner service, Ramsay rallied the chefs with an Obama-esque “Yes we can” chant.
'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Yes we can? No, they can't. | EW.com
• NEW DELHI—It was a tough crowd, but Vikram Pandit , chief executive of Citigroup Inc., managed to win over the room full of finance majors gathered to meet him in an Obama-esque town hall gathering in the first-floor ballroom of the Indian capital city's regal Imperial Hotel.
Citigroup's Pandit Returns to India
• Romney displaying very Obama-esque condescension in response.
GOP presidential debate in Nevada - as it happened
• This is shameful, and is to put it in Obama-esque terms "looking backward, not looking forward."
Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points - Obama 2.0?
• But that passage was surrounded by Obama-esque notes:
Matthew Yglesias » A Friend in Need
• In coordination with Obama's visit Thursday, the Deeds campaign re-launched their Web site, abandoning their green-and-blue color scheme in favor of a sleek Obama-esque blue-and-white layout.
Campaigner in Chief back on the trail
• Since we last visited her closet during the dog days of August, Spanish Princess Letizia has made the slow sartorial change into fall, with ruffles, jewels and some Michelle Obama-esque belts.
Princess Letizia Changes Into Fall Fashion (PHOTOS)
• Instead we have elected a man with a myopic, if not destructive, popularism that borrows from all the worst attributes of the nanny state while superficially attempting to camouflage his Obama-esque inclination for class warfare against his own core constituency.

(#3*) Statism
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Statist" redirects here. For other uses, see Statist (disambiguation).
In political science, statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree.[1] Statism is effectively the opposite of anarchism. An individual who supports extensive intervention by the state is a statist. An individual who supports very limited intervention by the state is a libertarian.
While the term "statism" has been in use since the 1850s, it gained significant usage in American political discourse throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Ayn Rand[2] made frequent use of it in a series of articles in 1962.[3][4]
• 1 Forms of statism
• 2 State, society and individuals
• 3 Economic statism
o 3.1 State interventionism
o 3.2 State socialism
o 3.3 State capitalism
• 4 See also
• 5 References
Forms of statism
Statism can take many forms from minarchism to totalitarianism. Minarchists prefer a minimal or night-watchman state to protect people from aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud with military, police, and courts.[5] Some may also include fire departments, prisons, and other functions.[5] Welfare state adepts and other such options make up more statist territory of the scale of statism.[6][7] Totalitarians prefer a maximum or all-encompassing state.[8][9]
State, society and individuals
Some analysts[10] use a dichotomy between state and market, viewing the state as a homogeneous institution capable of using political power to force policy on the market which is the sum of peaceful human action. Such an analysis depends on an elitist theory of power rather than a pluralist theory of power; that power is exercised by individuals and competing organisations within society.[11]
Authoritarianism, on the other hand, views a strong, authoritative state as required to legislate or enforce morality and cultural practices.[12][13] The ideology of statism espoused by fascism holds that sovereignty is not vested in the people but in the nation state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, prestige and well-being of the state. It repudiates individualism and the family and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by the Supreme Leader and nurtured by unity, force, and discipline.[14] Fascism and some forms of corporatism extol the moral position that the corporate group, usually the state, is greater than the sum of its parts and that individuals have a moral obligation to serve the state.[14]
Economic statism
Economic statism promotes the view that the state has a major, necessary, and legitimate role in directing the economy, either directly through state-owned enterprises and other types of machinery of government, or indirectly through economic planning.[15]
State interventionism
The term statism is sometimes used to refer to market economies with large amounts of government intervention, regulation or influence over a market or mixed-market economy. Economic interventionism asserts that the state has a legitimate or necessary role within the framework of a capitalist economy by intervening in markets, attempting to promote economic growth and trying to enhance employment levels.
State socialism
State socialism broadly refers to forms of socialism based on state ownership of the means of production and state-directed allocation of resources. It is often used in reference to Soviet-type economic systems of former Communist states.
In some cases, when used in reference to Soviet-type economies, state socialism is used interchangeably with state capitalism[16] on the basis that the Soviet model of economics was actually based upon a process of state-directed capital accumulation and social hierarchy.[17]
Politically, state socialism is often used to designate any socialist political ideology or movement that advocates for the use of state power for the construction of socialism, or to the belief that the state must be appropriated and used to ensure the success of a socialist revolution. It is usually used in reference to Marxist-Leninist socialists who champion a single-party state.
State capitalism
Statism may be used to refer to state capitalism. State capitalism refers to forms of capitalism that feature high concentrations of state-owned commercial enterprises.
In some cases, state capitalism refers to economic policies such as dirigisme, which existed in France during the second half of the 20th century; and to the present-day economies of the People's Republic of China and Singapore, where the government owns controlling shares in publicly traded companies.[18] Some authors also define the former economies of the Eastern bloc as constituting a form of state capitalism.

(#4 ) Here used, as defined and used in clinical psychology for the diagnostic purposes and treatments of the mentally ill or not. It can be used as way of defining sanity on the backside. But that is not how the DSM5 illness model of life is being applied. The new Government controlled health care system of payments, linked to crony capitalism, will only make this process worse. The emergence of a medical surveillance state is in the makings, with the IRS enforced, soon to be RFID chipped and tracked, sliding definition system as evidenced by the new Identity Politics that is an extension of the Identity Disorders of the new medical definition systems of the DSM5. Everyone is trying to figure out where this stuff is coming form intellectually, academically or philosophically. The sad truth may just be as simple as, a lot of this P.C. confusion and irrationalism being litigated and politicizes is coming out of the American psychiatric community and its misapplied money driven monetization,s turned dysfunctional in public application as it conflicts with US Constitutional law as it once was.)

(#5) In psychology and logic, rationalization or rationalisation (also known as making excuses) is a defense mechanism in which controversial behaviors or feelings are justified and explained in a seemingly rational or logical manner to avoid the true explanation, and are made consciously tolerable – or even admirable and ...

Rationalization (psychology)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Rationalization.

Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources, or by checking whether the references meet the criteria for reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. (November 2014)
In psychology and logic, rationalization or rationalisation (also known as making excuses[1]) is a defense mechanism in which controversial behaviors or feelings are justified and explained in a seemingly rational or logical manner to avoid the true explanation, and are made consciously tolerable – or even admirable and superior – by plausible means.[2] It is also an informal fallacy of reasoning.[3]
Rationalisation happens in two steps:
1. A decision, action, judgement is made for a given reason, or no (known) reason at all.
2. A rationalisation is performed, constructing a seemingly good or logical reason, as an attempt to justify the act after the fact (for oneself or others).
Rationalization encourages irrational or unacceptable behavior, motives, or feelings and often involves ad hoc hypothesizing. This process ranges from fully conscious (e.g. to present an external defense against ridicule from others) to mostly unconscious (e.g. to create a block against internal feelings of guilt or shame). People rationalize for various reasons — sometimes when we think we know ourselves better than we do. Rationalization may differentiate[clarification needed] the original deterministic explanation of the behavior or feeling in question[clarification needed].[4][5]
• 1 History
• 2 DSM definition
• 3 Examples
o 3.1 Individual
o 3.2 Collective
• 4 Psychoanalysis
• 5 Cognitive dissonance
• 6 See also
• 7 References
• 8 Further reading
Quintilian and classical rhetoric used the term color for the presenting of an action in the most favourable possible perspective.[6] Laurence Sterne in the eighteenth century took up the point, arguing that, were a man to consider his actions, "he will soon find, that such of them, as strong inclination and custom have prompted him to commit, are generally dressed out and painted with all the false beauties [color] which, a soft and flattering hand can give them".[7]
DSM definition
According to the DSM-IV, rationalization occurs "when the individual deals with emotional conflict or internal or external stressors by concealing the true motivations for his or her own thoughts, actions, or feelings through the elaboration of reassuring or self serving but incorrect explanations."[citation needed]
• Rationalization can be used to avoid admitting disappointment: "I didn't get the job that I applied for, but I really didn't want it in the first place."
Egregious rationalizations intended to deflect blame can also take the form of ad hominem attacks or DARVO. Some rationalizations take the form of a comparison. Commonly this is done to lessen the perception of an action's negative effects, to justify an action, or to excuse culpability:
• "At least [what occurred] is not as bad as [a worse outcome]."
• In response to an accusation: "At least I didn't [worse action than accused action]."
• As a form of false choice: "Doing [undesirable action] is a lot better than [a worse action]."
Based on anecdotal and survey evidence, John Banja states that the medical field features a disproportionate amount of rationalization invoked in the "covering up" of mistakes.[8] Common excuses made are:
• "Why disclose the error? The patient was going to die anyway."
• "Telling the family about the error will only make them feel worse."
• "It was the patient's fault. If he wasn't so (obese, sick etc), this error wouldn't have caused so much harm."
• "Well, we did our best. These things happen."
• "If we're not totally and absolutely certain the error caused the harm, we don't have to tell."
• "They're dead anyway, no point in blaming."
• Collective rationalizations are regularly constructed for acts of aggression,[9] based on exaltation of the in-group and demonisation of the opposite side: as Fritz Perls put it, "Our own soldiers take care of the poor families; the enemy rapes them".[10]
• Celebrity culture can be seen as rationalizing the gap between rich and poor, powerful and powerless, by offering participation to both dominant and subaltern views of reality.[11]
Main article: Psychoanalysis
Ernest Jones introduced the term "rationalization" to psychoanalysis in 1908, defining it as "the inventing of a reason for an attitude or action the motive of which is not recognized"'[12]—an explanation which (though false) could seem plausible.[13] The term (Rationalisierung in German) was taken up almost immediately by Sigmund Freud to account for the explanations offered by patients for their own neurotic symptoms.[14][15]
As psychoanalysts continued to explore the glossed of unconscious motives, Otto Fenichel distinguished different sorts of rationalization—both the justifying of irrational instinctive actions on the grounds that they were reasonable or normatively validated, and the rationalizing of defensive structures, whose purpose is unknown on the grounds that they have some quite different but somehow logical meaning.[16]
Later psychoanalysts are divided between a positive view of rationalization as a stepping-stone on the way to maturity,[17] and a more destructive view of it as splitting feeling from thought, and so undermining the powers of reason.[18]
Cognitive dissonance
Main article: Cognitive dissonance
Leon Festinger highlighted in 1957 the discomfort caused people by awareness of inconsistent thought.[19] Rationalization can reduce such discomfort by explaining away the discrepancy in question, as when people who take up smoking after previously quitting decide that the evidence for it being harmful is less than they previously thought.[20]

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% OLD COMPILATION TOLD YOU SO:
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (see posting dates of news pick ups)

7 Compilation posts of Obama’s war, Mrs. Clinton’s war, George Bushes war and the mess that started with Vietnam as America lives on lies, bastardizes the language on every topic to destroy the rule of law, destroy the US Constitution, to destroy the US economy, and destroy the sprit of a once great country. Thank you notes removed unless they are as good as the post or needed for the post. This is a cluster of daily posts some responding to Google News on my screen saver and some just responding to the news cycle. 6000 postings in 3 years including shares, repeats and placard posts with just over 725,000 views and this is what it has come to. It started with the economic issues of the financial crash, banking fraud on an international scale and Mitt Romney needing to win and has ended with discussed posts on war and the people that create it. This is why it matters.

Copy/paste, Garbage in Garbage out, Compilation Post #1 of 7

Joe Carpenter
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UN-P.C. post that should piss a lot of people off. If you are not angry your are not paying attention. Obama wins politically by making sure George Bush is a looser in Iraq. Obama got it when it was working, did not maintain it, abused it, neglected it, broke it and now he owns it. He created a failure to produce success, but now he owns the failure he created. Mrs. Clinton now with more blood on her hands than her husband thinks she is in the same league as Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon carpet-bombing Vietnam for nothing. Mrs. Clinton believes the successful failures of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, The Middle East and Russia are prerequisites for the Presidency. These political reverse psychology gamers of the game measure the game not the results or its reality.

So who is the idiot in the room now? So who’s back is the monkey on now? Is it the tired confused disinterested American public? Is it the going out of business mainstream media that gets its news from the Internet to fill its formula entertainment model of sales? Is it the worthless, crony capitalist, feckless Republican GOP leadership of fools? Or is it the new intellectually dishonest, identity politics, P.C. driven, deluded hypocrites of the Democrat party?

The Middle East and buying trillions of dollars of oil for decades from countries and people that have nothing in common ideologically with America, but the money. This is what happens when one country creates a dependency rather than support its own needs. This is what happens when you empower and create dictators with pure money and weapons. This is what happens when a country does not have an energy policy for 35 years. This is what happens when big corporations, big banks and big oil companies with more financial power than most countries, by proxy, own the think thanks, own the politicians, own the courts, own the education centers and own the media. All of this would not matter one bit if America pumped its own oil or developed its own energy sources. This Middle East mess is thousands of years old and we are not going to fix it by fighting with people, killing people, and creating more hatred with people that believe in revenge over generations. There are plenty of people in the Middle East to take care of their problems but if we Americans continue to buy their oil, fight their wars, and be their scape goat for their hatreds between “their haves” and “their have nots” we get what we deserve.

The Federal Reserve Party and the New World Order people of élites win as they play the 500-year central banking war model to its logical conclusion of what they do best, benefit from the offset of short positions. The only problem is that it is a crime against humanity. The only problem is that it is the citizenry of the planet that suffers for the benefits of those that think they are entitled to send you off to war, to kill. to be maimed and to die when it works for them. It’s a very selfish attitude in the mind set of a new bread of very sophisticated sociopathic liars that think it is perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what ever they want. If they cannot make a mature cohesive argument justifying their ideas, coarse of action and their past actions, that you can understand, its pure garbage.
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Thank you New York Times for picking up this post and for having it in line on your page. I am not hearing it from the feckless Republican party of fools because they started the imperial presidency but this guy has made himself a King. John McCain is the best they got and they got nothing but problems. The Republican party started this presidential over reach and has allowed this and has failed to stop this. The president can not micromanage the use of force by the US Military as commander in chief of the military to kill people in other countries independently as under the War Powers Act with out a declaration of war. That is my gut intuition not even being a lawyer or anything. Under what authority does he think he can do what he is doing. I do not believe that any of this is Constitutional but that was the point of subverting and destroying the Constitution now for several presidents. He still has not justified the sanctioned killing of a US citizen on foreign soil by drone. I am not hearing it from anyone. Where are the conscientious objectors of the left and the left media? They are now lying to themselves. The hypocrisy of it all is going to tear this country apart. This all started with Vietnam, the war that was not a war but was. This is the Guwantonimo Bay(sp) problem of commingling military law and civilian law for political reasons and having it both ways and calling them a POW release to try and say the war is over but there never was a war. This is the failure of the Bush Administration that everyone that has a brain knows is the cancer at the core of the politics today. It is the destruction of the rule of law and the erosion of the public trust that is just about at the point of believing America is now a Banana Republic run by corrupt crony capitalists and fools. Where is Charles Krauthammer on this Constitutional bastardization problem. Rand Paul is trying again and so is Ted Cruz but more public statements are needed. Time to put on the big boy pants kids they are now killing people again and that needs Congressional authority as far as I am concerned. If you are dropping bombs from US aircraft it is a war children.
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FOUR STORIES DOWN ON GOOGLE NEWS: Do you think this is page 5 stuff? Is that my Google page or is that everyones? Is Google now messing with the content presentation the way Face Book was laying it out as a social experiment for data purposes? The credibility of the system is slipping. Once the public trust in the government and the money goes we will have nothing left as the meat of the country has been gutted long ago. The 500 year central banking war model is well at work doing what they do best, profit from the off set or short position.

Mrs Clintons Middel East Mess, Obamas Police action that is a war that is not a war but uses the US military, has special forces on the ground in country, but does not need congressional approval because they have bastardized the language and the law on every issue and of course because he thinks he can, because he is King. This is why it matters. He thinks he is George Bush. Mrs Clinton now thinks she is Henry Kissinger or Richard Nixon because she has now lied with the best of them, to a nation and the world.

Copy/Paste of Google News screen saver:
Fox News
ISIS Fight Raises Fears That Efforts to Curb Iran Will Slip
New York Times - ‎4 hours ago‎
Shiite militia members in Amerli, Iraq, last week. The fight against ISIS has reordered President Obama's global priorities. Credit Andrea Bruce for The New York Times. Other Israeli officials warned the Obama administration that the new American ...
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SECOND STORY ON GOOGLE NEWS SCREAN SAVER: Do you think this page 5 stuff? Hmmm, Reluctant Warrior my eye. This is complete garbage. If this is not a war and it is a police action how can the president have war powers when its not a war? How come police actions that use the military force to kill people are not litigated and do not need congressional approval and more? Hmmm. Like I said this is pure garbage. Is everyone asleep at the switch?

Copy/Paste of Google News screen saver:
Fox News
Obama authorizes military strikes against ISIS leadership
Fox News - ‎4 hours ago‎
President Obama has authorized the Pentagon to target and kill leaders of the Islamic State militant group, with the organization's head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being at the top of the administration's list.
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THIS MIDDEL EAST MESS IS MRS CLINTONS LEGACY: THIS IS WHY IT MATTERS: Abject failure brought to you by the mendacious minds of those that brought you Benghazi, Fast and Furious, failed to understand the Arib Spring and wanted to start a war in Syria. Benjamin Netanyahu could care less at this point about what American interests are in the region and neither does the Americana public. Benjamin Netanyahu could care less what this administration and John McCain thinks about anything as they have made everything in that region of the world an extension of their own confusions. Not only has America lost complete and total credibility in the Middle East by betraying and running everyone around in circles like the feckless fools in the US Congress and the US Senate do day in and day out, mostly the old, tired, wacked out, feckless, fools, of the Senior Republican Party that can not even build a boarder fence in our own country or explain the most basic of concepts on every level, have failed not only our country but have now made our position in the world as feckless and useless as they are. And Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu and everyone else knows America can not even take care of its own problems let alone anyone else. They know that if you ask a fool that has wrecked its own ship to take care of their ship they will sink it 100% for sure. I am so glad I did not go to war in the Middle East and have to live with this like the Vietnam veterans have to live with that. And they wonder why over 100,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide. Same for the Gulf Wars, more suicides than combat casulties. Now that is why it matters Mrs. Clinton and John McCain. So how does it feel having your name and Mrs Clintons name used in the same sentence making the same point Johnny, to little too late, missed the game.

Copy/Paste of Gooogle New screen saver:
Israeli Commandos Enter Gaza
Voice of America - ‎33 minutes ago‎
JERUSALEM —. Israel has carried out its first ground operation against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip since launching an offensive against the militants last week.
Gaza Strip »
Israel »
Hamas »
Iron Dome intercepts rockets over greater Tel Aviv areaJerusalem Post
Israel Pounds Gaza Strip as Palestinian Death Toll IncreasesBloomberg
From Israel:Who needs a peace deal when Israel has Iron Dome?Haaretz
Trending on Google+:Israel-Gaza conflict: Hundreds of Palestinians flee as Israeli military prepares to ...The Independent
Opinion:IDF warns residents of northern Gaza to leave homes in advance of campaignJewish Telegraphic Agency

10 hours ago - Google+
Israeli naval commandos have entered the northern Gaza Strip to raid a site used for missile launches, Israel Defense Forces said early on Sunday.
Israeli naval commandos enter Gaza to raid missile launch site — RT News

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Joe Carpenter originally shared:


So what is wrong with this picture has the entire world lost its perspective and proportionality in reporting the news? Has every news agency on the planet decided the only way to sell news is with some kind of in your face, sensationalism sales model. Why did I never see a head line AMERICAN MOTHERS ASK WHY OUR SONS FOUGHT IN IRAGUE or Afghanistan or Vietnam for that matter. I am sure there were a few but I just did not see them as this entire post is of the same style of selling outrage. It just sounds better when its Russian Mothers as that has better bang for the buck. In this day and age of selling moral equivalencies that are not but using the conflicted issues as tools for news ratings we the citizens of the world are left with nothing but confusion and chaos on every topic.

Of course Russian mothers and American mothers and Israeli mothers and all "Mothers" ask that question unless they are the ones that strap bombs onto their children and tell them to go blow themselves up or are the ones using them as human shields or are the ones that sell their children into slavery of some kind or are the ones that maim their children to get more money begging on the streets yes there is evil in this world but the evil involved in this news presentation is a disservice to all. There is nothing wrong with this head liner but it does make me wonder why the U.S. news does not blame the foreign policy failures everywhere as waisted American blood and treasure. It is mind boggling that over 100,000 US Vietnam veterans have committed suicide and the suicide rate for the Gulf wars and Afghanistan are higher than combat casualties. What about the 1 million to 5 million or more mothers of people genocided after US withdrawal of troops from Vietnam? Does anyone think maybe that is what we doing there to prevent? If that is not a protest statement the American news could or should use in this shock and aw news sales pitch, than what can anyone do.

This is why the debates that no one is willing to have in the arena of ideas is so very important. This is why the silence and malfeasance of the GOP Republican Senior Leadership for decades is unacceptable as a strategy to win elections by appearing to be less bad than the other side and making a career out of it, by setting others up for failure and then playing, told you so and benefiting personally monetarily both ways. This is why Benghazi and Fast and Furious matter Mrs. Clinton. What about all the Mexican mothers that lost children at the hands of automatic weapons sold to drug lords under an insane idea of US policy. The video idea to blame a terrorist attack on a US embassy and murder of our US ambassador brutally was equally insane and insane is the correct word for that stupid idea by stupid people and a stupid public but worst of all a stupid US news media. More than blaming all this on the feckless, worthless, duplicitous, back stabbing ,sell outs of the GOP, Republican Party I blame it equally all on the PHD-ed MBA-ed editors and managers of ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WSJ, you name it they have and we have all failed in our responsibilities to civility, reason, justice, and decency on these topics of economics, war and peace.

Copy/Paste of Google News screen saver.
Russian soldiers' mothers ask 'why are our sons fighting in Ukraine?'
Times of India - ‎5 minutes ago‎

The men appeared tired, defeated and demoralized. Dressed in green camouflage they stared into the camera and tried to explain why, as Russian paratroopers, they were in eastern Ukraine.
Ukraine »
Russia »
Vladimir Putin »
Russia 'cannot stand aside' in Ukraine - Putin Irish Times
Russia and Ukraine trade soldiers at border - Russian news agencies Reuters India
From Russia:Russian president says nothing of giving statehood to Novorossia - Kremlin ...ITAR-TASS
From Ukraine:Washington Post: Ukraine's soldiers defend Mariupol amid fears of pro-Russian ...Kyiv Post
Opinion:Moscow, Kiev swap troops as Ukraine port girds for pro-Russian assault Reuters UK
In Depth:Putin calls on Ukraine to start talks on eastern regions' 'statehood' CTV News

3 hours ago - Google+
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Kiev to start substantial talks on deescalating the crisis in eastern Ukraine. He noted that it’s an illusion to expect that the rebels would calmly watch their homes destroyed.
Putin: We have agreement with Poroshenko on peaceful resolution in E.Ukraine
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Joe Carpenter originally shared:

Mrs. Clinton keeps her Carny Show Husband:
Mrs. Clinton Strings Along Obama,
Waiting to Throw him Under the Bus:
Mrs. Clinton Ponies Up With Henry Kissinger:

Poor Mrs Clinton now thinks she is in Henry Kissingers league as a political strategist because she too has walked all over the world stage as Secretary of State. Her fabricated accomplishments in “Benghazi” toped off with her dangerous sophomoric reverse psychology strategies of “Fast and Furious” coupled with her determined capacity to support anything or anyone that can be perceived as a political stepping stone in her quest for more power and more control to do nothing but play with power, for her emotional satisfactions with out consideration for results, effects, consequences, but mostly failure on every involvement, are immeasurable. The most successful looser in a pantsuit the P.C. world of nuts and fruits can produce along with her bra burning gall pall Nancy Peloci in a mini skirt thinking the female block vote is stupid. Henry Kissinger wants in on the fun and games of playing the, how much can we make up and say and still get away with it, game. Kissinger plays the media for fools and they live up to their expextations. Henry Kisseinger needs the press coverage to sell his book, so he strategies a Clinton style media event with a one liner linking Mrs Clinton to the war hawks dinosaurs of the cold war mentality of the male dominated bureaucrats in suits of the Nixon days. Yes Kissinger loves joking about Mrs. Clinton as she is still just a bad joke, that is just waiting to become dangerous. Both of them know a snake in the grass when they see one. Kissinger enabled anyone that would take his advice with his Greenspan style highbrow esoteric pedantic speech with a German accent mostly in his humiliations of praying with Nixon. Mrs Clinton enabled her husband for a purpose, then she enabled her incompetent boss before cutting out, then she pivots , turns and spins, pretending to white wash her failures as successes in her delusional self-absorbed perception of reality. Yes, Yes its perfect the biggest losers, the two biggest failures of U.S. foreign policy, that failed socially as well, team up laughing at the death and destruction they have created, mocking anyone that would take them seriously or listen to either one of them. At least Greenspan the greatest con-man of them all knows enough to keep his mouth shut and go away, keeping the damage done buried in the fading memory of a country in decline.

Copy/Paste of Google News Search:
1)Did Kissinger endorse Clinton for president? Almost.
Washington Post (blog)20 hours ago
... former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton the ... if she were a candidate because I intend to support the Republicans.”.

2)Henry Kissinger loves joking about Hillary Clinton 2016
CNN (blog)-Sep 4, 2014
WASHINGTON (CNN) – Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger used a short ... to joke about the prospect of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. ... THE DUT of the Solicitor General to argue in support of the law.

3)Kissinger: Iran Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS
JP Updates-23 minutes ago
Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called Iran a much ... But they have to conquer more and more territory before they can ... When asked whether Hillary Clinton would make a good president, Kissinger said: “Yes, ...

4)Hillary Clinton Praises a Guy With Lots of Blood on His Hands
Mother Jones-Sep 5, 2014
In lauding Henry Kissinger, the possible Democratic presidential nominee ... Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton receive the Germany Freedom ...
Nobody seems happy with Hillary Clinton's review of Henry ...
Twitchy-Sep 6, 2014
Henry Kissinger's Thoughts On The Islamic State, Ukraine And ...
WBUR-Sep 6, 2014
The Decline of the West, From Henry to Hillary
Power Line (blog)-Sep 5, 2014
Kissinger: Iran is a bigger threat than Islamic State
Haaretz-21 hours ago
Hillary Clinton Calls Henry Kissinger a Friend, Praises His ...
Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-Sep 5, 2014

5)Hillary Clinton reviews Henry Kissinger's 'World Order'
Washington Post-Sep 4, 2014
When Americans look around the world today, we see one crisis after another. Russian aggression in Ukraine, extremism and chaos in Iraq ...
Clinton reviews Kissinger book
Politico-Sep 4, 2014
Clinton reviews Kissinger
The Hill-Sep 5, 2014
Hillary: Obama Foreign Policy Follows Kissinger's Advice in New Book
Newsmax.com-Sep 5, 2014
Henry Kissinger loves joking about Hillary Clinton 2016
Blog-CNN (blog)-Sep 4, 2014

6)Secretaries of State past and present meet for rare reunion for ...
New York Daily News-Sep 3, 2014
Secretary of State John Kerry warned Wednesday against creeping American isolationism, making the case that U.S. global leadership is ...
Kerry hosts predecessors from Kissinger to Clinton at diplomacy ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune-Sep 3, 2014
Dana Milbank: Secretaries day at the State Department
San Jose Mercury News-Sep 4, 2014
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7)Hillary Clinton to decide on 2016 presidential run around end of year
CNN-Sep 5, 2014
She added that she has a "unique vantage point and set of experiences about what ... Henry Kissinger loves joking about Hillary Clinton 2016.

Joe Carpenter
Extended circles - Sep 6, 2014

NPR talk radio plays a short 15 or 20 minuet interviews with Henry Kissinger today and look what is Google’s first hit under news search. It could not have been mush longer, if it was, as the interview only lasted from the Wells Fargo ATM down town Santa Barbara to the Marburg dump where I was prepared to sit in the car an hear him out even if the interview went on for a half hour or an hour, but it did not. . He defiantly sounds like a real adult when he talks with a vocabulary that represents a person of world class caliber and participation in historical events from an intellectual and purposeful attempt to set policy that is goal directed to stand the criticisms of history. These guys sit quiet, zip the lip, then every few years or so one of them writes a book and starts talking again. Henry Kissinger has been the last name in the news for decades now. I missed Vietnam but I did read several of Richard Nixon’s books just because it was his last chance to try and redeem himself and contribute possibly some thing profound that was sincerely from his heart as a representation of what he really thinks and what he really was trying to achieve as president of the United States.

What intrigued me about the interview was the tone and timber of seriousness in a man that had participated in some of America’s most historical moments in time. You cannot listen to the Henry Kissenger and not be drawn into his style and focus of his speech. He is with out a doubt an adult politician in comparison to the delusional sociopathic caliber of child like petulant immaturity we have had in the office and in the US Congress and the US senate and in the Main Stream Media. Henry Kissenger is an amazing man. So why was my blood near boiling with absolute focused disgust listening to him speak. In my opinion the downfall of America started with Nixon, Vietnam, the currency manipulations, the social unrest, the social distrust, the posturing, the attitude of the government over the people, the secrecy, the start of the end of the world war two communist conflict, the dishonesty of it all. And what does the Huffington post take away from that interview? The Huffington Post actually gives the man some credit, take him seriously, and run a story on his opinions on the Middle East. This from a man that just said on NPR , “I believe that if you take the number of attacks Obama has the collateral damage is greater than the B52 carpet bombing of Cambodia” (approximate quote, from memory, or meaning of what he said) Is this man clinically insane? Do these people actually think they can say anything as long as they say it in some authoritative tone of voce? These are the guys that set the standard of saying anything and having the American Main Stream Media just lap it up and spit it back out as if reality was a nonexistent concept. These are the people that set the standard of how stupid they think the American public is.

I unloaded my trailer of trash at the dump, gob-struck. I drove back up the mountain to meet my friend waiting to make a second trip back into town with a trailer load of aluminum ready to go to the recycling center. He was there waiting for me as I drove up. The first thing I said to him as I got out of the car was, “Do you know what Henry Kissenger just said on NPR ?” He just said that he “believes” the drone strikes of Obama had a higher collateral damage than the B52 Carpet Bombing in Vietnam. You should have seen his face. They are out of their minds. Only a Vietnam veteran can make that face and say exactly the most perfect thing in less than 15 words. This is my point. This is why it matters. This is why the free press was intended in the US Constitution to act as a watchdog to keep government bureaucrats and intellectual idiots and their stupid stuff out of positions of power by rejecting their bad advice based on what they say. Nixon, Kissinger, Vietnam the impeachment they set the standard of how low you can go and still get away with it with out figuratively being tarred and feathered or literally being sent to prison. This is where it started. This is where people like Mrs. Clinton and her husband got the idea of how far you could go. She thinks because of histories examples she can just flip and spin, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and a complete and total failure in the Middle East into a success. This stuff and the Bush administration are what gave Obama the idea of how far you can lie to nation and get away with it.

I am going to go back to Google and search around and see if anyone thinks it is beyond outrageous, beyond unacceptable for this man to talk that kind of trash to sell his book. Vietnam 55,000 combat casualties (apx). Vietnam 100,000 veteran suicides to date and counting (apx). 1,000,000 to 7,000,000 and more by some alleged genocide after US withdrawal of troops. I am going to start looking for data on the B52 Carpet Bombing. See the “ONE” Google News search find below #3.
(Copy/Paste of Google search)
Henry Kissinger: Iran 'A Bigger Problem Than ISIS'
Huffington Post-3 hours ago
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said that Iran "is a bigger ... In an interview with NPR that was released on Saturday, Kissinger ...
Henry Kissinger's Thoughts On The Islamic State, Ukraine And ...
NPR-14 hours ago
Nobody seems happy with Hillary Clinton's review of Henry ...
Twitchy-12 hours ago
Henry Kissinger Reminds Us Why Realism Matters
In-Depth-TIME-16 hours ago
Hillary Clinton Calls Henry Kissinger a Friend, Praises His ...
Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-Sep 5, 2014
Henry Kissinger's 'World Order' is a timely warning
In-Depth-Los Angeles Times-Sep 5, 2014

(2) Hillary Clinton reviews Henry Kissinger's 'World Order'
Washington Post-Sep 5, 2014
In his new book, “World Order,” Henry Kissinger explains the historic scope of this challenge. His analysis, despite some differences over ...
Henry Kissinger loves joking about Hillary Clinton 2016
Blog-CNN (blog)-Sep 4, 2014
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(3) Copy/Paste of Google News search. “1” reasult.
1 result (0.16 seconds)
Search Results
1. Can't Bomb Them into Submission?
American Thinker (blog)-Aug 24, 2014
Days later, our ground patrolling into the bombed areas gave us an awed ... on the ground to survey the results of a B-52 carpet bombing campaign. ... I say, talk to infantry veterans of Vietnam who surveyed the results of B-52 ...

(4) Copy/Paste of Google Web search, links removed for posing:
About 72,800 results (0.48 seconds)
Search Results

1. Weapons - B-52 Stratofortress | The Gulf War | FRONTLINE ...
In 1965, SAC B-52s based in Guam and Thailand began conducting Operation Arc Light carpet bombing raids on Vietcong strongholds in South Vietnam.
2. B-52 Dropping Lots & Lots of Bombs - Carpet Bombing ...
► 3:51► 3:51
May 6, 2009 - Uploaded by f39eagle2
Lots of Bombs being dropped by the B-52 Stratofortress . ... Footage - Amazing Result - after bombing the ...
3. B-52 Bombing Footage Vietnam War - YouTube
► 1:23► 1:23
Jan 20, 2007 - Uploaded by flak88mm
B-52 Bombing Footage Vietnam War ..... B-52 Dropping Lots & Lots of Bombs - Carpet Bombing by ...
4. B-52 Carpet Bombing Footage | Military.com
› Air Strikes
Nov 30, 2012
Heavy Carpet Bombing Footage. 9 | Posted Jan 02, 2013. B-52 Carpet Bombing, Yeah Baby. 10 | Posted ...
5. Operation Linebacker II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
All three Vietnamese combatant governments: North Vietnam, the Republic of .... B-52 bombing crews at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam being briefed on the ..... government criticized the operation stating that the U.S. had "carpet-bombed ...
6. Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Vietnam War - Beginning in late 1965, a number of B-52Ds underwent Big Belly modifications to increase bomb capacity for carpet bombings.
7. [PDF]The B-52 in Vietnam - Virginia Military Institute
Virginia Military Institute
show how the Vietnam conflict proved that both the B-52 and the ability to ... The bombs the B-52s dropped over .... out the carpet bombing mission much more.
8. The Air War in Vietnam - History Learning Site
A variety of planes flew from US carriers based in waters off of North Vietnam while the huge B-52 bombers flew from bases in Thailand and Pacific Islands such ...
9. The B-52 bomber turns 60 (photos) - CNET - Page 12
The B-52 bomber turns 60 (photos) ..... B-52D drops bombs over Vietnam ... Among the missions were carpet-bombing runs against enemy combatants under ...
10. ARC LIGHT marked beginning of B-52 involvement in Vietnam
Dec 4, 2012 - B-52 aircrew returning from an ARC LIGHT mission over Southeast Asia. .... sent 60 B-52s to pound the enemy carpet-bombing a 1.2-mile strip, ...

(5) Wikipedia copy/paste Some links removed for posting:
Vietnam War
Main article: Vietnam War
Soviet specialists inspect the wreckage of the B-52 Stratofortress shot down near Hanoi December 23, 1972
With the escalating situation in Southeast Asia, 28 B-52Fs were fitted with external racks for 24x 750 pound (340 kg) bombs under project South Bay in June 1964; an additional 46 aircraft received similar modifications under project Sun Bath.[70] In March 1965, the United States commenced Operation Rolling Thunder. The first combat mission, Operation Arc Light, was flown by B-52Fs on 18 June 1965, when 30 bombers of the 9th and 441st Bombardment Squadrons struck a communist stronghold near the Bến Cát District in South Vietnam. The first wave of bombers arrived too early at a designated rendezvous point, and while maneuvering to maintain station, two B-52s collided, which resulted in the loss of both bombers and eight crewmen. The remaining bombers, minus one more that turned back due to mechanical problems, continued toward the target.[133] Twenty-seven Stratofortresses dropped on a one-mile by two-mile target box from between 19,000 and 22,000 feet, a little more than 50% of the bombs falling within the target zone.[134] The force returned to Andersen AFB except for one bomber with electrical problems that recovered to Clark AFB, the mission having lasted 13 hours. Post-strike assessment by teams of South Vietnamese troops with American advisors found evidence that the VC had departed the area before the raid, and it was suspected that infiltration of the south's forces may have tipped off the north because of the ARVN troops involved in the post-strike inspection.[135]
B-52F releasing its payload of bombs over Vietnam
Beginning in late 1965, a number of B-52Ds underwent Big Belly modifications to increase bomb capacity for carpet bombings.[136] While the external payload remained at 24 500 pound (227 kg) or 750 pound (340 kg) bombs, the internal capacity increased from 27 to 84 500 pound bombs or from 27 to 42 750 pound bombs.[137] The modification created enough capacity for a total of 60,000 pounds (27,215 kg) in 108 bombs. Thus modified, B-52Ds could carry 22,000 pounds (9,980 kg) more than B-52Fs.[138] Designed to replace B-52Fs, modified B-52Ds entered combat in April 1966 flying from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Each bombing mission lasted 10 to 12 hours with an aerial refueling by KC-135 Stratotankers.[49] In spring 1967, the aircraft began flying from U Tapao Airfield in Thailand giving the aircraft the advantage of not requiring in-flight refueling.[137]
The B-52s were restricted to bombing suspected Communist bases in relatively uninhabited sections, because their potency approached that of a tactical nuclear weapon. A formation of six B-52s, dropping their bombs from 30,000 feet, could "take out"... almost everything within a "box" approximately five-eights mile wide by two miles long. Whenever Arc Light struck ... in the vicinity of Saigon, the city woke from the tremor..
Neil Sheehan, war correspondent.[139]
On 22 November 1972, a B-52D (55-0110) from U-Tapao was hit by a surface-to-air missile (SAM) while on a raid over Vinh. The crew was forced to abandon the damaged aircraft over Thailand. This was the first B-52 destroyed by hostile fire.[140] In total, 31 B-52s were lost during the war, which included 10 B-52s shot down over North Vietnam.[141]
The zenith of B-52 attacks in Vietnam was Operation Linebacker II (sometimes referred to as the Christmas Bombing) which consisted of waves of B-52s (mostly D models, but some Gs without jamming equipment and with a smaller bomb load). Over 12 days, B-52s flew 729 sorties[142] and dropped 15,237 tons of bombs on Hanoi, Haiphong, and other targets.[87][143] Originally 42 B-52s were committed to the war; however, numbers were frequently twice this figure.[144] During Operation Linebacker I, fifteen B-52s were shot down, five were heavily damaged (one crashed in Laos), and five suffered medium damage. A total of 25 crewmen were killed in these losses.[145] North Vietnam claimed 34 B-52s were shot down.[146]
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Joe Carpenter originally shared:

A one legged Vietnam veteran flying friend of mine years ago (more than 10) said to me sitting on the beautiful L.Z. grass at Torrey Pines," How do you rescue a fish from water"?. That was his one liner resolution to the Vietnam mess that he got form some one else or that he came up with on his own after years and years of heartache and sole searching about it. I have never heard that expression ever used anywhere else. You never know it may be an original but problem not. In the rough humor of jaded adults I think I saw his leg come off on landing once too. Well I don't have a clear memory of his prosthesis flying off but I vaguely remember talking about a landing twisty, side slip, crack, damage or pop off of his foot.

But what has me thinking of that was a few weeks ago "No Legs" showed up again to fly and fly he/we did. He is a new age, old age P.C. rebel of self-deprecating humor for his own psyche and for the comfort of others. I asked him if I could blog about him and he smiled and said sure. He brags endlessly at how well received he is as an inspirational speaker for "challenged individuals" not handicapped or crippled people as that is offensive to the hyper sensitive types that can accept the fact they are physically crippled but not broken hearted.

Hang Gilding attracts strong willed, robust, unique, personality types that are different from the hard core adrenaline junkies speed balling a main line rush from throwing open the back doors of van in the middle of traffic and base jumping the Golden Gate Bridge naked only to quick link out before hitting the cold current driven water, time/coordinate a boat retrieval, collect the wet gear and get out of there before the cops show up. Now that is what we call extreme. True story I know her personally. On the other hand we are just regular ordinary conservative types having fun flying around over the mountains looking for more up air, in kites made of aluminum, wire and sail cloth 6, 10, 15 thousand feet over the mountains hanging from a climbing carbineer with a parachute some where on us just in case. You are supposed to carry oxygen over 14 thousand probably technically over 10. To keep the fish story grounded in honesty as if we are not brutally honest with our selves and go delusional or become a figment of our own imagination above and beyond our own abilities or experiences we risk being labeled as being a legend in our own mind by the group. So still after 14 years of flying I have not gone over 10,000 feet yet but will try this trip as one of my set intensions for this two week camping and flying vacation.

There is an unspoken code of understanding that self eliminates or weeds out, the unrealistic, the unreasonable, the unsafe and those that push the envelope too far. Everyone sets there own limits or creates their own style with in the parameters of gear, skill and conditions. The sport does change after pilots witness or discuss what happens when the rules of reality are broken and fatality results. Accident stories are not the emphasis or the bragging rights but the teaching tool and the ultimate silent hand that keeps us all honest, careful, alert, and in full understanding that people can get seriously hurt or die if judgment or over extension of gear, weather, or ability is exceeded. 99% of the time now, it is pilot error.

Today Hang Gliding is statistically safer than Scuba Diving I have herd. (That needs to be fact checked but that is pretty good if true) Today Hang Gliding is not a design challenge or a gear issue as the new gliders are aircraft that meat and exceed the standards of traditional aircraft. Today all of it can be quantified, scientifically or mathematically in a computer. Designs can be checked according to computer models of flight. Flight paths are mapped by hand held portable computers that GPS track altitudes, specific glider polars or glide ratios, flights, calculate wind speeds and direction by averaging/guesstimating down wind speeds with head wind speeds as you fly in curved patterns or circles over a time frame, as they can very accurately assist in judgment calls on making glides to destinations matching specific glider performance with head winds over distance time altitude considerations. But it is not a video game and if you break form reality and trust your instrument beyond the ever-changing conditions of the air and surrender your personal judgment to the machine you may find yourself landing somewhere you did not plan on.

The slogans are endless. There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots. Ever see a cocky coyote? Launches are optional landings are mandatory. You pick your conditions the conditions do not pick you. Speed is your friend. You don't have motor. Err on the side of caution. (That is more a construction slogan) But in Hang Gilding you do not get to measure twice you only get one shot at it and you had better have measured correctly. There is nothing that focuses the mind like putting your own money into a deal and there is nothing like being hooked in on launch yourself. That is where the tire touches the road. You are hooked in or you are not. Your glider is assembled correctly and properly pre-flighted or it is not. The conditions are safe and with in your abilities or you are not going have any fun at all and it will not be enjoyable but very scary and that is no fun. In the end we all fly our own glider. Its the only sport that takes a team to get you there and home that you do 100% alone.

But back to "No Legs" two weeks ago at the fly in he came in for a landing and was determined to show off and land on his feet and not role in on the grass on wheels. He is an inspirational speaker for the handicapped and has stuff to prove to himself and everyone. I like that and respect that. Catch the sarcasm and P.C. cringe two sentences ago. Smiling exhilarated after a great flight that I actually watched from the ground for over a half hour as he expressed himself in the air swooping, cutting, carving, banking in close to the mountain like a dancer milking every last minute of air time as he came in, he approached the crowd saying everything was fine until my leg flew off. Did anyone get that on video, no, another Hang Gliding moment that only lives in memories of those that saw his leg flip off to the side as he buckled on the other one and rolled in on the wheels. Everyone cheered.

So what does this have to do with Vietnam? What does this have to do with Iraq? What does this have to do with Mrs. Clinton? What dies this have to do with negotiating with terrorists? What does this have to do with Benghazi? What does this have to do with Fast and Furious? What does this have to do with the Federal Reserve? What does this have to do with QE3? What does this have to do with doubling the national dept. and listening to the president of the United States of America on public television in form of the country and the world say," raising he dept. ceiling does not raise the dept."? What does this have to do with Mrs. Clinton hugging the family members that lost loved ones in Benghazi on the tarmac as the caskets are unloaded and lie, lie, lie? What does this have to do with the fact that over 100,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide almost double the 55,000 combat casualties? What does this have to do with the V.A. cooking the books to steal money form the soldiers that they are hired to help? So what does this have to do with the fact that more "War on Terrorism" veterans have committed suicide than total combined Gulf War, Afghanistan War combat casualties? (Now that its over and we have had a prisoner exchange with the enemy we all can legitimately call the entire thing a war with real soldiers and real war prisoners that were not at the time: sarcasm for those that are not following the politics and legal ease of civilian law verses military law problems of definitions, word games, semantic mind games, political games, social experiment games, con-games, language bastardization games, all the while people are being killed, crippled and maimed for life for real.

I will let you all figure out what it all has to do with the copy/paste below. I think Mrs. Clintons book Tough Discussions should be called Tough Presentations, How to polish a turd or "The Art of Living on Lies" the game of mass manipulation of the main stream media through the use of P.C. focused identity politics and pure depict for the purposes of self advancement in the pursuit of blind ambition devoid of standards, boundaries or principles in "the blood sport of politics" (direct quote from Mrs. Clinton book interview on NPR) The sad reality of war is that there are winners and there are losers and there can be millions of casualties mostly because some idiot some where in the world thinks that they can do what ever they want when ever they feel like it to who ever they want with out good reason beyond what ever they want to do. That is what starts wars Mrs. Clinton. You have failed. You have accomplished nothing but talk, talk, talk with disaster to everyone and everything everywhere you go with every thing you have touched for decades. The last thing America needs at this point is that running for president.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity last week said on air they are both bored and sick and tired of talking about the Clintons. Rush said that he has been on air for 25 years and the Clintons have been there the whole time. And while we are on the topic the last thing the country needs GOP, Republican Party leadership of crony capitalists back stabbing, corrupt glutinous earmark pigs, feckless fools is another Bush.

There is a connection from the start of this post to the end of this post. I just keep trying to make the point or add to the point and do it from a different angle over and over and over.

Copy/Paste of screen saver Google News:
Iraqis flee as militants close in; Obama says Iraq's government needs help
CNN - ‎38 minutes ago‎
(CNN) - Radical Islamists pushed forward in Iraq as an increasingly nervous United States sought ways to stop the militants from closing in on Baghdad.
Iraq »
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria »
Mosul »
Militants Seize Towns as Al-Maliki Fails to Stop AdvanceBloomberg
As Sunni Militants Threaten Its Allies in Baghdad, Iran Weighs OptionsNew York Times
From Iraq:Baghdad Residents Call for Kurdish Help to Stop Islamist AdvanceRudaw
Opinion:Islamist Militants Seize Two More Towns In Iraq, Press Further SouthHuffington Post
In Depth:Iraq Scrambles to Defend BaghdadWall Street Journal
Wikipedia:2014 Northern Iraq offensive
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