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Shayne Trimbell
The revolution will not be motorized. Welcome to the new America.
The revolution will not be motorized. Welcome to the new America.

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I met the most interesting couple this weekend. To surprise her husband on his 40th birthday, she wanted to get him a bike. Knowing nothing about bikes, she decided a Surly Cross Check would be cool. She purchased the bike at Harris Cyclery.

This woman unknowingly purchased one of the coolest bikes on the market from the mecca of bicycle shops. 

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My wife and I recently relocated to the South Coast of MA from the Philadelphia region.  Today was our first ride, and it was such a refreshing change.  Gone are the hills, high traffic roads, and poor pavement.  Now, we get to ride along the beach, with ocean views and salt air.  

Felt good to get out.

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Not a bad view from my new place in New Bedford, MA. 

Tip to marketing professionals: Anyone who "claims" to know what the millenial generation wants, does, thinks, or needs: does not know what they are talking about.

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Visiting Philly?  Bring your bike and use this map.

Trophy Bikes in Philly just dropped off a Brompton for us to demo in the office.  We will be using it to show that riding a bike and transit is a great way to commute.  

I can't wait to pedal this little fella around, it looks pretty fun!

I had a wonderful morning today. After having a great breakfast, the wife and I headed to the Legacy Trail to get in a ride.

The bikes were hybrids in desperate need of a tune up, each with a saddle the size of a toilet seat. After about 45 minutes, we turned back to the cars for a total mileage of about 13 miles in 1.5 hours.

To rid our butts of the discomfort of ill fitting saddles, we stopped for strong daiquiris and fresh fish sandwiches. We spent the afternoon at the beach.

All this, while friends and family back home are bracing for a foot of snow.


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"Beyond the statistics, the personalities of the respondents often emerged forcefully in their responses"

And isn't that generally true of cyclists?  This research looks at the combination of bicycle and transit trips.
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