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Hacking And Virus Writing
Hacking And Virus Writing


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Shocking! Instagram HACKED! Researcher hacked into Instagram Server and Admin Panel
Ever wonder how to hack Instagram or how to hack a facebook account? Well, someone just did it!
But, remember, even responsibly reporting a security vulnerability could end up in taking legal actions against you.
An independent security researcher claims he was threatened by Facebook after he responsibly revealed a series of security vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that allowed him to successfully gained access to sensitive data stored on Instagram servers, including:
Source Code of Instagram website
SSL Certificates and Private Keys for Instagram
Keys used to sign authentication cookies
Personal details of Instagram Users and Employees
Email server credentials
Keys for over a half-dozen critical other functions
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Anonymous declares war on Islamic State after Paris attacks in chilling video: 'We will hunt you down'
Hacker group Anonymous have declared war against ISIS after the attacks in Paris on Friday night.
Posting a video on YouTube, the group said it would use its knowledge to "unite humanity" and warned the terrorists to "expect us".
Behind their signature mask, a spokesperson speaking in French said: "Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down.
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JPMorgan Hack — Three Men Charged in Biggest Bank Hack in History
The US government has charged hackers over the largest ever hacking case in financial history.
The US Court of the Southern District of New York has charged three men accused of hacking into many financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase that, according to the officials, was "the largest theft of user data from a U.S. financial institution in history."
JPMorgan Chase is one of the world's biggest banks that controls total assets worth more than $2.59 Trillion.
#hackwithmak   #jpmorgan   #hack   #bank   #securitynews   #technews  

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USB Killer Will ‘Improve’ Your PC Security By Frying A USB Port
There are multiple methods with which an attacker could break into your computer, so you not only have to worry about unknown discs or USBs but also about attacks via the internet. The latest in questionable crowdfunding campaigns only concerns itself with one of those methods and that’s USB ports. Sure enough an attacker could steal information off of your PC via a USB flash drive but is frying the USB Port the only way to protect yourself? The team behind “USB Killer” seems to think so.
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Tech firms warn snooper's charter could end strong encryption in Britain
Major technology firms are concerned that the British government is attempting to ban strong encryption with the Investigatory Powers Bill, despite its assurances to the contrary.
A number of companies, both large and small, have expressed their fears to the Guardian that one particular clause of the proposed legislation gives the government the power to force them to weaken their systems, in order to enable the bulk collection aspects of the bill.
#hackwithmak   #encryption   #britain   #technews  

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How NSA successfully Broke Trillions of Encrypted Connections
Yes, it seems like the mystery has been solved.
We are aware of the United States National Security Agency (NSA) powers to break almost unbreakable encryption used on the Internet and intercept nearly Trillions of Internet connections – thanks to the revelations made by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.
However, what we are not aware of is exactly how did the NSA apparently intercept VPN connections, and decrypt SSH and HTTPS, allowing the agency to read hundreds of Millions of personal, private emails from persons around the globe.
#hackwithmak   #nsa   #encryption   #https   #ssl   #technews  

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How Verizon analyzes security-breach data with R
Analyzing 200,000 records may not seem like a big task. But when those records are security incidents with potentially hundreds of attributes each -- types of bad actors, assets affected, category of organization and more -- it starts getting a little complex for a spreadsheet. So Verizon's annual security report, which was initially done in Excel, is now generated "soup to nuts" in R.
#hackwithmak   #verizon   #security   #databreach   #r   #technews   #excel  

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Learn SQL by analyzing dump data from 000webhost
Recent data breach on free web hosting company 000webhost has leaked about 13 million user data (customer name, email and plain text passwords).
A hacker used an exploit in old PHP version (LOL!) to upload some files and gain access to system.
I found a .csv dump for about ~1 million users and import it into local mysql database into the table webhost.
#hackwithmak   #sql   #database   #000webhost   #technews  

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Hackers have infiltrated the US arrest records database
Earlier this year, a hacking group broke into the personal email account of CIA director John Brenner and published a host of sensitive attachments that it got its hands on (yes, Brenner should not have been using his AOL email address for CIA business). Now, Wired reports the group has hit a much more sensitive and presumably secure target: a law enforcement portal that contains arrest records as well as tools for sharing info around terrorist events and active shooters. There's even a real-time chat system built in for the FBI to communicate with other law enforcement groups around the US.
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000webhost suffers major data breach, loses 13 million plaintext passwords
Thirteen million customers of the "free" web hosting company 000Webhost have been told that the company has experienced a significant data breach.
Data stolen includes customer names, emails and plaintext passwords. It has been reported that the data has already been put up for sale on underground markets and sources have claimed that cyber-criminals were "already making money" from the breached data.
#hackwithmak   #000webhost   #databreach   #password   #leaked   #technews   #securitynews  
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