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shyam sundar
stupid , stupider , stupidest !!
stupid , stupider , stupidest !!

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Just Relationship Things!
The Types of Talks Most relationships begin on a high note, fed
with a generous amount of thrill, with copious amounts of mystery thrown in.
But what makes your relationship interesting is the couple’s conversation. There are a lot of things that are tradem...

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Just Engineering Things
I completed my 4 years of engineering . But still couldn't figure out what it really meant! Just engineering things for you ! Choosing for income Adam Caroll says “College is a business decision” Join A college , Get a degree , Get a job, Get paid for it . ...

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A - 24 hour's Coder - Saveetha's hackathon
Hackathon Night - HACK-B by Saveetha University . It all started Here ...... This is how the team is formed  Saran approached me for participating in hackathon . I immediately approached my all time partner Avanthika & we formed a team . we popped in sarany...

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Review - It Happens For A Reason By Preeti Shenoy
The Perfect New Year Treat  I got this book a couple of weeks ago to my hands ! yet i waited ! so that i can start a new fresh year with Preeti shenoy :) Preeti was always my favorite . i would suggest her books if my friends asks me to recommend a book . t...

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Half Girlfriend - Chetan Bhagat
The Half Girlfriend ! Okay.. so another hyped-up book by the
author of masses is out. Like his all books this one also has a typical
filmy plot. It's like the writer knows well that his book will be
adapted into a Bollywood flick soon. He therefore writ...

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Mysore Days
going for a trip with ur classmates , traveling with them & knowing more about them is really a bliss ! had a good time with you folks ! special  thanks  to sriram , rutvij , pratik ,rubpan , sakaran , sitharthan , yuvarani , swarna , nithya , bala ,saravan...

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a good strt man ! (Y) keep going ! :D 

btw , u missed out the airport fun in this post :P 

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HBD Avanthika ! :)
Some People Really Occupy A Very Special Place in Ur Life....  They Are always Ur Partner in crime ....  Besides this Whenever U Interact With Them, It Brings A Bright Smile On Ur Lips!  U Feel Positive Vibes Around U!  U Feel So Attached To Them That U Can...

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புடிச்சா cut-out'u பிடிக்கலியா get- out'u
முன்னூத்தி எழுபத்தி ஐஞ்சு ஆனாலும் not-out'u !

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The Unsent Notes 1
Hey girl , If fate favors you one day and you are asked what you want to be, Don’t wish to be someone else because you are wonderful the way you are!  You are special . you're one of a kind 
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