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#TheHunt #TheHunt20 Fireworks.  I tried including "#TheHunt" in the pic but my phone kept focusing on the words which made the fireworks terrible.  Sorry if I disappointed anyone.  Thanks "Auto Awesome" for doing the post photo work!
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I did this one last year, and liked how difficult it was to get a shot of fireworks AND a hunt sign. This one kicks ass though.
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Bobby Ryan

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Picture shows the effect of stress on blood vessels ► atherosclerosis;  the yellow fatty plaque leads to blood vessel blockages which cause strokes, heart attacks and death.  The Nature paper for this study at  explains more about the mechanism of stress caused atherosclerosis.

For more details about the biochemistry involved, see also

I hope those who are stressed find ways to cut their stress level. :)  


Most people get too much sodium (and sugar) in their diet.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that hypertension-related diseases result in 26.9% of developed countries' deaths, and 21.6% of underdeveloped countries' deaths.  High blood pressure (hypertension) is experienced by 90% of people at some point in their life and is a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes.  The WHO website says that daily intake of more than 2000 mg of sodium or less than 3500 mg potassium can cause hypertension  ►

Here is an informative video about salt from CDC ► Salt Matters: Preserving Choice, Protecting Health.  About 75% of salt intake is from processed and restaurant foods.  Buying the foods with no sodium helps:).  Most people get enough sodium from natural foods, no salt is needed. It is best to cook at home with no salt added in a pressure cooker (it is the fastest cooking method - up to 5 times faster - and it retains up to 9 times more anti-oxidants, vitamins), while avoiding eating restaurant and canned salty foods (metals can leak into the foods).  Also, draining the liquid in canned salty foods can often remove almost half the sodium.  

We only need 200-1200 mg of sodium, depending on weight and activity levels (sweating eliminates sodium).  Potassium relaxes the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, while sodium tenses blood vessels and increases BP.  Also, too much sodium can damage the bones  

When using a lot of salt, it is even more important to blood pressure control to limit the intake of sugar (sucrose) and fructose. Studies show those consuming too many simple sugars [sweet fruits (rich in fructose like watermelon) or processed foods with added high fructose corn syrup or sugar] have higher blood pressure ►
Some recommend eating less than 15 g of fructose a day, less than half a banana.  No sodas or drinks with added sugar ► " In 1892, there were just two cases of diabetes per 100,000 people, according to a famous medical textbook by Sir William Osler, The Principles and Practice of Medicine. Today, the rate is 9 percent across all age groups, and sadly one of every three children is either diabetic or pre-diabetic."

High sodium and low potassium intake led to higher mortality in this study ►  When combined with high sugars this high ratio of sodium to potassium leads to serious heart problems. People have noticed a big drop in blood pressure within weeks of changing sugar, sodium and potassium intake.  Many supermarkets sell KCl, potassium chloride salt, so using this kind of salt at home is another way to get more potassium.  Normal salt is sodium chloride, NaCl. allows searching foods to see their sugars, potassium and omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fat) levels.  Besides decreasing sodium, saturated fat and omega 6 acids intake, increasing omega 3 fatty acids intake lowers blood pressure Many people eat omega 6: omega 3 in ratios of 30:1 to 10:1.  The healthier (for blood pressure and also for increased telomere length) ratios are in the range 4:1 to 1:1. Some beans (black, pinto, white, etc) have high potassium and also roughly equal amounts of omega 3 to omega 6. Beans are better than many fried foods with trans fats or oxysterols that clog the arteries.  However, beans have fats too and over-cooking those fats can cause some harmful fats to emerge, so for diabetics especially it's much better to eat raw unroasted walnuts with omega 3: omega 6 ratio of 1:4 and 400 mg potassium per 100g.  All nuts should be eaten unroasted, since oxidized fats clog the arteries and raise blood pressure. Interestingly, coconut saturated fat eaters have less heart disease than us ►  Sri Lankans used to have the lowest heart disease rate in the world in 1953 when they ate 136 coconuts a year on average ►  

Too much of whole grains or beans, i.e. too many carbohydrates, can cause an increase in blood pressure long term due to spike in insulin levels, so much so that diets with more monounsaturated fats lead to lower blood pressure ► Insulin levels being high is also how Alzheimer can develop faster. However, among high carbohydrate eaters, eating complex (beans and grains) carbohydrates instead of simple ones (sugar, fructose in fruits) leads to comparatively lower blood pressure ►

Studies show those eating least meat and dairy have the lowest (healthiest) blood pressure It became evident that those eating no red meat are less likely to die of heart disease and they live longer  The scientifically proven (and covered by Medicare and many private insurance companies) Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease helped thousands to lower blood pressure through a healthier low fat diet ►

Scientists found that good sleep prevents hypertension, diabetes ►, weak immune system ► and other health problems. During sleep the body does a lot of self-repair.  Meditation, eating as little fat as possible (except for the minimum omega 3 needed), peaceful music (example ► MOUNTAIN STREAM Nature Sounds (10 Hours) Relax, Meditate, Sleep) and emotions, natural diuretics (cucumber, tomatoes, fresh ginger tea, etc), lower stress, avoiding gaining weight, not smoking, not drinking alcohol can also help lower blood pressure.  

Additionally ginger tea can lower blood pressure by 10 points (► for the mechanics of ginger). presents ginger tea effect on blood pressure, while shows anti-inflammatory effects of ginger (boosts immune system).  100g of raw ginger contains 410mg of potassium, about 10% of daily needs.  Ginger is easier to eat as tea, but in many nations it's added to already cooked foods in raw form after cooking.  Raw is more potent.  Ginger has been used for thousands of years as medicine. The studies show the more concentrated the tea or the more ginger we eat, the lower the blood pressure. So, with ginger one can lower the blood pressure by 20 points also: be it as tea made from raw ginger, raw in salads, or added raw before or after cooking foods.  

Hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure too (►  Here is an interesting comparison between teas showing how black tea increases blood pressure while hibiscus tea dramatically decreases blood pressure by 15-20 points Many stores sell hibiscus flowers in the bulk section.

The normal pulse rate is 60-100 bpm (beats per minute) and ideal blood pressure is less than 115/75 mm Hg (less than 115 systolic AND less than 75 diastolic) for those older than 18.  Normally they say less than 120/80, but it's always better to aim for lower since it prevents issues decades later.  The best athletes or meditators (who can attain deep peace) can have pulse of 40 and still be in perfect health.  The known world record is 27 bpm.  One can take blood pressure and pulse at home, with one of those $10-40 monitors available at Walmart, etc. In general, the lower the values, the longer the person will live heart disease free.  Studies show that the lower the heart rate the longer we live, independent of whether we exercise or not. Harvard Medical School agrees with this finding ►  Being free from anger lowers heart rate and blood pressure, so staying happy helps:).  

#health   #longevity   #science    
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Bobby Ryan

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What a great way of explaining gravity to students

Well done sir!
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There's a saying +Chad W Darroch  that states "If you cant explain something in simple terms, then you don't understand it enough."  I like it when someone can explain, in simple terms, a complex situation.
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                                                Circle of 99
Once upon a time, there was a big king, powerful and immensely rich but also very unhappy. This sad king had a very happy servant. The servant was bubbly, smiley and he was always singing happily. The king became impatient with his happiness and asked him: – Why are you always so happy?
- Well, you treat me right, I make ends meet enough to feed my family & myself, even a little bit more, I have a beautiful wife & healthy kids. Why shouldn’t I be happy? I’m just happy.
Of course the king was not satisfied with his answer and called the wise man from his Kingdom to help him solve the mystery.
The wise consultant said – It’s because he is outside the circle of 99 while you’re inside.
What are you talking about? What is the circle of 99? – The puzzled king asked
Are you willing to lose some golden coins to find out? – The wise man suggested to which the king answered positively
- Prepare for tomorrow a sac with 99 golden coins and at night we will go to the servant’s house – Said the wise man
When it was night, the wise man and the king went secretly to the servant’s house, knocking on the door they left the sac with the coins and a note that said: “This money is yours. It’s your prize for being such a good man. Enjoy!”
When the servant found the sac, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was over the moon. He was laughing and singing and thanking God for his good fortune. He then started counting the money by making piles of 10 coins till he realized a pile had only 9 coins. There were 99 golden coins. “There is one missing, there should be 100”- he thought. He searched all around the house for hours, couldn’t find anything. He was sure that someone took his one coin and he started swearing and cursing. He began to think how he could gain one golden coin. He thought “with 100 coins I can say that I’m rich, I will not have to work, I will be important and respected in the kingdom”. He did some calculations and realized that he needed 10 years in order to earn one more golden coin, “10 years, that’s too much” – he thought – Perhaps my wife can help me by selling in the market on weekends, even depriving from certain things, perhaps in 4 or 5 years I will make it. He got a second job, he was eating only a piece of bread every day and he stopped burning wood to keep warm so he was sleeping in a cold room every night with hardly anything to wear and starving.
In few days, the tired and haggard servant serving the King when the latter asked– What’s wrong servant? Why are you not smiling and singing like before?
- Sir, I do my duty as I should. You pay me to do my job, I don’t need to give you explanations for my behavior or frame of mind – The upset servant replied.
The king laid off the servant for being insolent and understood perfectly this was how he entered the circle of 99. He stopped being happy.
99 coins are the 100% of our treasure. Nothing is missing, no one stole anything, 100 is not as round as 99 is. It’s just a trap, a carrot they swing in front of us, to make us stupid enough to keep moving tired, unhappy and compromised. A trap so that we never stop to push so that everything remains the same. Things can change only if we become able to enjoy our treasures as they are.
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thank u dear Bobby...
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Bobby Ryan

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My race is human, my hometown is the Milky Way galaxy. 
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Bobby Ryan

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More of this. 
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That's very nice
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Have him in circles
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Lol !
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Bobby Ryan

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13.8 billion years ago...
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My little "edible paradise"(rosemary,thyme, and a couple of red pepper plants). It looked better before it got hit by a Tsunami!
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nice mate! are you in town this weekend? If so we are having a party over here you should come and bring a few newfs or 1000
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Bobby Ryan

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Something tells me, he was quite popular.. 
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+Bobby Ryan
no,if u will be coming here more often,i'll send u invite:)its about this:)->
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Bobby Ryan

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Motion-induced blindness

"In this demonstration the observer focuses at the flickering green dot in the middle. After about 10 seconds, the observer sees one, two or all three of the static yellow dots arranged at the corners of an imaginary equilateral triangle disappear and then reappear. These disappearances and reappearances continue at random for as long as the observer cares to look."

Maybe this illusion can be used to demonstrate that you can have an experience without being conscious that it is occurring.

"A popular example illustrating this point is the case of the distracted driver (Armstrong 1968). Lost in thought about his marital problems as he drives down the freeway, he does not pay attention to the visual experiences he is undergoing. He does not notice those experiences. He does not think to himself that he is having so-and-so experiences. But he is having them, all right. After all, he is still seeing other cars and the road ahead. The beliefs he forms on the basis of his visual perceptions about the direction of the road and the locations of the other cars guide his driving. If he weren’t seeing the road and the cars, he would end up in the ditch or worse."

Consciousness Revisited - Materialism without Phenomenal Concepts (Michael Tye) (first chapter on phenomenal consciousness)

#perception   #illusion   #experience  
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Have him in circles
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