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Yes, it is challenging. We, the consumers, are the cause of our own demise. If we demanded Apple and other companies like it behaved differently by not buying their products when they behave in the ways described in the article, they and the industry would change. We've seen this happen in the food industry with the organics and locally grown movements. It really starts with us and people need to put pressure on Apple with their dollars if they want it to change.
Good point and I agree that we as a nation really need to think about how to educate our children (I have 2 little ones as well) for the skills they will need to be competitive in the future. I think our education system is woefully inadequate in that respect. Yet I also think we can pressure companies like Apple to take a $62 hit to their iPhone premiums to manufacture some devices over here. It's similar to how Michael Moore pressured Phil Knight of Nike to open a manufacturing plant in Flint, MI in one of his documentaries. I wish collectively we would continue with this kind of pressure. I think it would hurt corporate bottom lines more than innovation at this point.
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