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First, this is a great read, Tyra. You've summarized iOS 7 quite well.

Second, I've gotta disagree with you, and Sammie, in reference to Apple's business strategy. 

In my opinion, being the Apple enthusiast that I am, Apple may be moving a little slow as far as how they are updating, and altering their products, but they are very much so handling it in the proper way. Think about it like this - an iPhone, whether it be the 4 up to the 5, is still relevant 3-4 years after release, because the core system is built solidly. Apple ensures that after the phone is built and stable, the software that they release year after year can still be applied to the phones. So your 4S will still be around and kicking for at least another 2 years. That's how they maintain customer loyalty - by not effectively making ones phone obsolete with the addition of one new feature. Look at Samsung, to stay competitive in the market, it seems like they release a new Galaxy every few months - S3 (May 2012), Note 2 (Sept 2012), S3 Mini (Nov 2012), S4 (April 2013).....and I'd bet money they have a new one coming out later this year. 

So while they might be behind the curve, and their sales might be a little down - look at what they are up against...
At this point, I am pretty sure that most people are not unfamiliar with iOS: Apple’s mobile platform. Generally, from release to release, the platform has stayed the same, adding a few enhancements at a time.  On June 10, 20...
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