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World IGNITE Network
Inspire. Encourage. Equip.
Inspire. Encourage. Equip.


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Thanks for Joining us! Ignite Members can download tonight's IgniteLIVE "Creating a Culture of Multiplication" here

"It's cheaper to buy marketing than it is to pay with your life to get a message" Ps @RichWitmer #worldIGNITEnet #culture #multiplication

"What we promote, they will produce" Ps @RichWitmer #worldIGNITEnet #culture #multiplication

Thank you for joining us for #worldIGNITEnet! We hope that this event has been helpful! Until next time, remember, "I was born for this!"

Tweet your questions with hashtag #worldIGNITEnet and have them answered by Pastor @richwitmer and Pastor @Shannon_Kapp for the Q&A Session

"The best goals are the ones you almost reach. That's not a failure." - Pastor @richwitmer #worldIGNITEnet

"Set goals that people can accomplish and celebrate the people who are meeting the goals." - Pastor @richwitmer #worldIGNITEnet

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"What you expect, you inspect." - Pastor @richwitmer #worldIGNITEnet

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"Create a winning atmosphere." - Pastor @richwitmer #worldIGNITEnet

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"A compelling vision moves people to action." - Pastor @richwitmer #worldIGNITEnet
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