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A few great tips for parents! 

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Book Preview: Phone Control = Kid Control
It is clear that we are now addicted to our phones. Go to any airport and you'll see tons of people locked to their devices as if they are being controlled by their bright little screen.  This is even more true when it comes to children.  The kids of today ...

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#Parents have to get more tech savvy. I have a book coming in February with tips like this!

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It's the new year and it's time to get more organized! Evernote is a great tool for those that have businesses or busy lifestyles. I have used Evernote for years and have found that it can be used to streamline a lot of things that you do at your desk.  My upcoming book "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Evernote" has topic covering: 

- Document Organization using Evernote
- Writing a Business plan in Evernote
- Researching using Evernote
- Project Management with Sunrise Calendar and Evernote
And much more

Coming soon... 
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