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Riyaz Ahmed Saboor
Rationalist, believer, doctor and critic.
Rationalist, believer, doctor and critic.

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I normally don't post cat pictures but could not resist this one at all.
Decipher it.

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Empowering teachers and students with technology is a cool way forward.
Teachers: It’s now easier to attach a Google Form to your assignments, and you can open responses right from #GoogleClassroom
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Look what I found in an old copy of @readersdigest
As funny as it gets #humor
+Bernie Sanders
+Barack Obama

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Cyclists reunion ride of 2015, Mumbai

Changing the face of the new Indian urban commute when hundreds cycled to Nariman Point in tandem.
For health, environment and the future.
Great experience.
With +Saadiya Riyaz

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Check out this video on YouTube:


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This just blew me of!

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My latest arrival from Amazon.

Great move by Amazon India to start store pick up from neighborhood stores to make it easy for us not to miss parcels. +Amazon India 

Thanks a lot #Mumbai for rejecting an apartment to my dear friend, not because he sounded, looked or behaved like a Muslim but because his name was Muslim.

Disgusted to the core.


No! Not in a secular democracy please.

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Why the world is flat?

Look at how the internet, social media and a little technology can change the life of a little known dance enthusiast.

An old lady gives a soulful performance on a catchy dance number which is caught by some one on their mobile phone and shared on +YouTube . The fame brought to the lady by this little low resolution video helps her bag a place in a Tide commercial in 2011 (watch here-

Pretty neat I would say.

#technology   #SocialMedia  
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