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Ashish Kurian Thomas
Studying Computer Science and Engineering at Udaya School of Engineering
Studying Computer Science and Engineering at Udaya School of Engineering

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Hasura Internship - x.x The Break
From May 13 to May 28 saw a lot many things happening. The company where I worked decided to let me and my team go. So now I'm left with the slow and agonizing task of dusting off my resume and that old Q.A book . First things first, I decided to remake my ...

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Hasura Internship - 2.3 The pain of local development
The Hasura platform is awesome . The whole purpose of the internship was to get us to build stuff using Hasura APIs and what not. I gently grazed over the hasura docs , and for me personally it feels like there's no more fun left in coding out what I want. ...

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Hasura Internship - 2.2 The wonders of git
Git is a magnificent version control tool. What does that mean? 😅 Let's do a tiny insignificant project to get the basics out of the way. Start a project $ mkdir ~/Projects/chicken_soup $ cd ~/Projects/chicken_soup $ touch recipe.txt This project will cont...

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Hasura Internship - 2.1 Setup dev environment
The following are the things I need to get some work done on making the app. Node JS I'm running my dev environment on Ubuntu, to install node on it, execute the following commands on the terminal $ curl -sL | sudo -E ba...

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Hasura Internship - Week 1 - Prototyping
Requirements The entire app should have a max of 3 pages. Must have a provision to add a new family, add a new member to the family and finally make edits. Member images and family image can be added and edited. Prototype (TL;DR) The three pages are   searc...

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Hasura Internship - Week 1 - App Idea
By the end of January, something amazing happened. I enrolled in an online mooc called IMAD from the folks at Hasura and IIT-M . And by the grace of the force, I was able to clear it and make a small webapp in the process. As part of this, Hasura selected a...

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Installing mariadb in ubuntu 14.04 and setting up a 2 node galera cluster
Getting ready Let's update our apt cache with the mariadb apt repo, so that we can get the latest and greatest version. Add the following two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list deb trusty main deb-src http://mi...

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Solarized dwm + debian
This article is a small post-it to get the desktop of my dreams installed on my machine :) 1. Installing and configuring dwm Installing dwm from the debian repos is easy but, inorder to customize it we need to compile it from source. First, I install the de...

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Stepping into freeBSD
Intro FreeBSD unlike Linux is a pure UNIX OS(I really don't see the difference, that's just me). Any how this writing is to specify the stuff I did to get FreeBSD up and running on my Dell Inspiron 630m.  The machine has a centrino processor and has only 51...

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Getting started with OpenBSD After a long time being a linux user, I decided to try BSD. And because the transition was hard, I'll post the stuff (what I did) here for future ref.
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