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Just another feature request I just come up with: the ability to have soils profiles and link a specific soil to a tree or a transplant action.

Sorry to flood you with feature requests..

Installed a several Bonsai apps but this one is definitely the nicest and most stable one. Good job!

A couple of feature request:
- Being able to add species (with common and scientific name)
- Being able to add a photo to a specific work (like pruning and repotting)
- Being able to add recurring tasks (for fertilising, for example) with notifications.

Continue the good job and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

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Grande documentário sobre cultura digital e democratização da produção cultural.

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Que saudades que eu tenho das aulas deste grande senhor...
Só é pena o som estar com má qualidade.. ...

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Conceito muito interessantes. Vou ter em especial atenção o Green Light... quando tiver casa própria :)
I started a new venture with some friends :)

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