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Acrostic Poems. Backronyms. Mnemonics. Fast, Free & Fun.
Acrostic Poems. Backronyms. Mnemonics. Fast, Free & Fun.

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People need it like they need oxygen
Earth also needs it like it needs rain
All creatures need it like they need food
Coming to our life, with high hopes
Ever there, nothing's better than peace

See how we all connect like a dot-to-dot world poetry conciousness! Poetry is a wonderful form of expression in this world loaded with words.

If you love acrostic poetry please join, share and enjoy.

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Brilliant... Six words of carelessness at (actually, literally, honestly...) 

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Group poetry creation; write a line and pass it on.
We follow an acrostic poem structure; e.g. for the topic FREEDOM the first line begins with F, the second line R etc (spelling F,R,E,E,D,O,M vertically)., a free public-service website, jogs your memory with lists of words beginning with each letter, choose 'word finder' from the webpage shown.

"Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them."
Dennis Gabor

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Acrostic poem for NIGHT (see first letter of each line)

Never tell your lover why you love him.
Instead, look for a perfect time to tell him that
God has already sent you for Him.
He will surely get confused with it but sooner
The confused things will be all untangled,

By Kim Kimberly Derla 
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JogLab hung out with 28 people.James Worley, Tommync Twentyten, Julia Gauci, Neskenz Nerdevski, Prima Adhi Surya, mohamed Reda Kadi, Esam Al -Rubaie, David Bazan Jaime, Zimborios Zim, Tuhonia Tihirahi, Pravash Upadhyaya, Joel Tam, Andre Pantera, nicolas aquino bezerra, Генри Онеру, Alvaro Dias, Felipe Daniel, mateus dantas, Dithesh Vishalaksan, bekar toka, aihf mahmed, Jess Barker, Juilius Battle, Nantapong Srijaiwong, Meng Wang, devon gross, Lucas Ribeiro, and mati badie

Thanks a million for sharing and +1ing JogLab. Please come to a G+ acrostic poetry huddle event ... (and share with the poetically inclined).
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