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Hey guys heres my entry for the Homescreen Contest!

Android Homescreen

ROM is Bionix

Phone is the Vibrant.

Launcher is ADW.ex

The live wallpaper is Light Grid pro. It's actually really interesting, and I don't think the image alone does it justice.

On the right you can see it in it's default state, where everythings stagnant, but I have it set to react to raindrops and touch, so every time I touch or a raindrop comes, the squares around it shrink out of existence, then pop back in.

Along with this, about 1 out of ever 8 squares will be fully colored in, and every time they pop out and back in they have a chance of changing into a fully colored, or only outlined colored square.

Along with that, they will about once every 2 seconds shift positions, with some squares pushing others out of the way and shifting spots with them. You can sort of see it happening on the left screen.

The whole time as well, all the squares slowly shift colors between red, orange, blue, and green. It looks really cool, I wish I could get a good video up to show it.

Some widgets! Fancy Widget Pro is for the weather forecast on the bottom of the left screen.

Minimalistic text tells me the date and the time as well as battery percentage.

On the right screen, we've got the Google Music widget on top, I edited the APK to set the background as transparent. I did the same thing to Doggcatchers widget directly below it. This causes their divider lines to join together really smoothly, I love it.

The WiFi looking icon on the left of the right screen opens Unified Remote Full, so I can control my computer quickly. The Lightbulb dims my screen with Screen Filter for when my battery's getting low.

The 5 buttons on the bottom are WiFi toggle, Flashlight, Media Scanner, Volume Control, and Data toggle. These are courtesy of Extended controls.

Beneath that are my four rings, Far left is the market, to the right of that is Baconreader, my reddit app.

Far right is my web browser; Miren, and the left of that is my messaging app, Handcent.

In between the rings, I have a transparent icon that when touched opens my application list. I could also just swipe up at anytime to open the applications list, or swipe down to open my notification bar.

I'll be honest, I'm kind of really enjoy playing around with my android phone, and it's a bunch of fun to get a homescreen you're happy with. And I've got to say, I'm really happy with mine.

If you've read this, thanks for checking it out!


Fancy Widget Pro:


Light Grid Pro: (

Minimalistic Text:

Google Music:


Extended Controls:

Miren Browser:

Screen Filter:

Unified Remote:

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Yeah look at the other names in the about section dummy, thats the whole point of having it there lol.
Make me

But seriously I'm getting an android soon recommend me some apps bb
Listen to podcasts? Get Doggcatcher.

Wanna control your computer with your phone? Get Universal Remote.

Wanna listen to all your music streaming to your phone whenever you want, I can send a Google Music invite your way.

Hate your stock launcher? Check out ADW.Ex or LAuncherPro, maybe even GoLauncher.

There's a dropbox app if you use that for file storage and transferring between computer and phone.

If you end up rooting your phone, AdAway will block all advertisements.

Handycalc if you want an awesome Calculator as good as the $100 ones.

BaconReader is a fantastic Reddit app.

Chrome to Phone will send links from your browser to your phone to open them.

AppBrain App Market is a great way to find new apps you'd like.

Handcent SMS is great for a text messaging/MMS application.

MightyText if you want to relay your text messages from your phone to your computer for convenience.

MiKandi if you wanna get some apps to see boobs on your phone.

Minecraft came out on Android as well, you might be interested in that.

QQplayer for videos and movies, QuickPic is great for images.

Snes9x EX if you wanna play Snes games.

Swype is a great one handed keyboard.

Tasker if you wanna turn your phone into an advanced electronic marvel.

WidgetLocker is a great lock screen replacement.

Those are the first things I can think of, anything specific you wanna do, lemme know and I'll try and help.
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