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This video is very freaky but also quite interesting. An ET's view of our species and future.

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Watch a woman's soul leave her body, captured in a hospital in China in 2016.

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From my book, Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you)

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Story from my book, Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you)

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This is such an interesting story about the Natives in Ontario and their god.

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Video for Paul Shishis' July 8 UFO sighting:

Round Flashing UFO Scarborough ,Ontario July 8, 2016 @ 3:19-3:27 pm

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Dark flashing round UFO filmed over Scarborough July 8/16

On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Daily Record published a front page article with the headline “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region,” marking the rise of conspiracy theories that aliens might actually be flying over our skies.
On this same date in 2016, Paul Shishis of Oshawa Ontario witnessed his 36th UFO sighting of the year.
“While in Scarborough on afternoon work break, I was outside in our parking lot with some co-workers chatting,” he said. “After some minutes, I noticed something strange to the northeast about one mile away at 3:16 pm.”
Paul noted, he could see “a dark white flashing, roundish object moving across toward the west very slowly.” He added it was “maybe a few 100 feet up.”
He then alerted one of his co-workers.
“We both ran down the parking lot to get a closer look. After about 70 yards, we stopping in our parking lot.” At that point, Paul said, “I could still see the object stop and it remained stationary.
He pulled out his camera and began taking photos, while pointing out the UFO to his co-worker.
“He was close to me and it took him about a minute to finally see it. It just sat there flashing a bright white light. Only when it was flashing could you really see the object being so far away and climbing up the sky.”
After a few minutes, Paul noted the object “just lifted up slowly heading thousands of feet up.”
He added, “Just before that, another co-worker came up to us and could also see it. It went so high straight up (that we) lost sight of it.”
The entire sighting, he said, “lasted 11 minutes total for me,” and his last picture was taken at 3:27 pm.
He was particularly pleased to have had two witnesses to this sighting, which is his 36th for the year so far.
Note: This writer saw essentially the same thing – a single white light in the night sky over Hamilton on July 10, 2016 at approximately 12:15 am. The object was slowly descending but when a passenger plane came into view, it rose quite quickly and while I continued to watch (about two minutes), it remained stationary.
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Photos for Paul Shishis' UFO sighting July 6, 2016.
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Shishis spots UFO July 6/16 in sky over Scarborough, Ont.

The famous 1947 crash of what many believe was a UFO took place on the Foster homestead in New Mexico during the first week of July. William Brazel, who was working there at the time, found debris spread over about 30 miles (50 km) north of Roswell.
In what is now known as the “Roswell incident,” William told the Roswell Daily Record he and his son witnessed a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tin foil, a rather tough paper and sticks.” According to a US Army Air Force (formerly the US Air Force) press release dated July 8 of that year, the debris was from a “highly classified project,” (also called a “weather balloon”),which aimed to “detect atomic bomb tests in the Soviet Union” - a claim that was just as unbelievable as a possible UFO.
Now nearly 70 years later, Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario spotted two UFOs on July 6 and July 8, 2016. The first one will be discussed here with the second to follow.
On July 6, 2016 at approximately 10:04 am, Paul witnesses a UFO over his workplace in Scarborough. While on a morning break, he said, “I could see almost directly above coming from the west, a very slow and quite high white UFO at 10:04 am.”
As it “slowly crossed just above me,” he said he began filming the object.
“The footage is not great,” he admitted but added, “Yet it does capture the white high object.”
Paul noted, “They do just keep popping out!”
See the video below:
High Slow White UFO Scarborough,Ontario July 6, 2016 10:04 -10:08 am

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On July 3, 2015, Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario experienced his 34th sighting of the year - “a VERY high blue flashing UFO.”
Again, he managed to capture photos of the object, which you can see below.
“Some are quite revealing.”
Paul expressed his astonishment over having so many sightings this year.
“Geez, I may soon lose count for 2016 since there have been so many!” he said.
He would again like to thank his friend, mg, for the picture enhancements.

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