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Ali Ogilvie
Travel addict and foodie, a pom living in Adelaide
Travel addict and foodie, a pom living in Adelaide

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Travel Diaries #1 - Vancouver Alone
This is part one of some travel diaries I wrote while in Canada and USA recently and didn't publish at the time... Today has been one of those days where a poignant combination of jetlag, gratitude and awareness of privilege have rendered me particularly in...

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Happy New Year?
Happy new year one and all. Wasn’t 2016 just a joy? Actually, I can logically and
rationally see that many positive things happened in 2016, including, for me
personally, the below: The birth of my niece Lydia in January. A new job with University of Adelai...

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Africa – Part 4 – Kruger National Park
After two nights at Shalati we were back on the road with
another fairly early start that involved taking breakfast with us in paper bags
(how exciting!). Stu and I shared the back seat with Vlad on this first day in
Kruger and it was a great opportunity to...

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Part 3 – Panorama Route and Manyaleti
     Day 3 of our tour saw us getting up rather early again and
embarking on pretty much a whole day in the minibus to get to our evening
accommodation at Shalati Adventure Lodge .  Shalati is right on the edge of Manyaleti Game Reserve, a private reserve

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Africa - Part 2 - Cape Town and Johannesburg
On arrival in Cape Town, the weather was not doing us any
favours and was almost identical to the rough winter we had left behind in
Adelaide. This is not entirely surprising given that Cape Town and Adelaide are
on almost the exact same latitude. We manage...

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Africa - Part 1 - The Journey
It is time again for me to recount, record and reflect on a
wondrous adventure. Those of you who read the blog version of our India trip last year may be curious as to how I coped with another trip into a third world
country on an organised tour – but pleas...

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Brexit Babble
So in the next few weeks the UK will decide whether or not
it remains in the EU. Personally I tend to agree with David
Mitchell on the referendum because it is SUCH an important decision that I
believe it should be made by the people we voted in to LEAD our...

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10 years - Part 2 - 50 Shades of Cray Cray
In the immediate aftermath of Claims Direct announcing it
was in Administrative Receivership, a few things became clear very quickly.
Firstly, those that could escape quickly, ran. This was true from the very top
with senior managers abandoning ship within ...

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10 years
It has taken me 10 whole years to be capable of writing this
blog post. Ten years of fairly regular remembrance of a time and place that now
seems even more unbelievable than it did while it was occurring. For 3 and a
half years, between May 2002 and Decemb...

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Happy McHappypants
Are you a mood hoover? Are you sure? I have begun to realise how limited my patience is with
these personalities although sadly I still have not got the balls to fully
eradicate the ones that have become part of the fabric of my everyday life. I
have, in th...
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