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New Blog Post: Jenkins Build Server

It's about time I put something on my blog again. This article is about my Jenkins build server and some of the projects I have on there.

For those interested in VLC for Android but not interested in building it regularly, it runs hourly check of the latest code straight from +VLC to keep that up-to-date and generates unofficial builds from it.

There are also some weekly unofficial builds of CM9 from STS-Dev-Team for Droid4, Droid3, Bionic, and Razr courtesy of +Hash Code et al.

I will be adding regular unofficial builds of +StepMania 5 to there as well, since I recently joined up with that dev team to work on FFMpeg support.

Keep in mind these are continuous integration/automated builds and thus are not supported in any way by myself or the teams that work on them.
So after a long hiatus of finally transitioning between some important stuff IRL , it's about time to take a look back on some of my coding projects. What better way to start than to set up some f...
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Use a file manager on your device or locate a file called /proc/cpuinfo and open it. Check for the words Neon or NoNeon under features to figure out which version your phone needs.
WHAT? +Austen Dicken developed the VLC app for Android and now he is pushing commits every hour?! How could you take all the credit!

Just Kidding :)
I like the part where the guys says that you are building the app without the VLC-team permission. I didn't know you need to ask permission for compiling someone else's GLPed code.
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