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SGS3 on Verizon Update

So for anyone who is wondering, this last weekend I finalized a kexec-based boot sequence for CM9 on the d2vzw (Samsung Galaxy S3, Verizon variant) that will allow standard installs to the device.

All of the kexec internals are now stored on the system partition, and cold booting into the stock kernel will result in the following:
1.) boot is hijacked immediately after the filesystems are mounted
2.) is copied to /cache and set to auto-flash on reboot
3.) device is rebooted into recovery
4.) is auto-flashed without user interaction
5.) device is kexec-rebooted with androidboot.mode=kexec
6.) boot is not hijacked since it is within a kexec environment
7.) the system is now booted with a custom kernel

This means we now have custom kernels that can be booted directly from a cold boot (no booting into recovery and flashing a zip manually, that will be done for you). Also this means that all of the kexec internals are on the /system partition, so backups and restores from recovery function as expected. The only downside to this is that the boot process actually involved 2 quick reboots, but it's preferable IMO to having to flash manually from recovery.

The main problem still existing with the device is the lack of data connectivity. This is currently being looked into. Voice calls and SMS function as expected, but the SIM appears to be failing provisioning resulting in no 3G/4G connectivity.

I'll keep you posted.
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Amazing.  Thank you so much for the update, and for all of the hard work for the community.
Is the data issue purely radio or is the locked down nature of the device also a factor?
I don't have an SGS3, but I have to +1 this anyway. That's awesome. I love that they lock the bootloader down, and the community bypasses most of it anyway. Awesome.
You sir are a godsend. Keep up the great work Austen
Thank you, I really appreciate the work you are putting into this.
I noticed you applied your kexec patches to the jellybean branch of the cm d2vzw device repo. Are you currently building on cm10? If so, have you noticed anything broken compared to what is working on cm9? 
CM10 requires a new bootloader

Also: I hope cvpcs has some fix for the Radio soon
You guys rock so hard. Can't wait to use an AOSP ROM on my SGS3! 
Does Kyon represent the endless struggle of working with Verizon devices?
The bounty is $2300 right now on XDA. Just saying...
Cannot wait to run this! When will the details of this new method be released? .zip's, etc?
As usual awesome CVPCS work man :-) --- Kejar31
stupid data sim card not provisioning grrrrrrrrrrr rmnet0, stk, all that garbage crap!
No 3g/4g but what about WiFi? Just curious, thanks for the hard work, also cannot wait for cm10
This is just amazing. I'm glad to see we d2vzw owners are not getting left behind on this.
Thank you for all the work you do!
By the way, will dual boot ever be an official method of installing CM? At least until LTE works on AOSP I don't want to switch fully but I would like to test it out and be able to switch back and forth (and possibly try to help debug too).
Dose anyone have a guide on how to install this? 
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