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computer scientist, mathematician, musician, etc
computer scientist, mathematician, musician, etc


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So late last week I saw this video, and had to share it with everyone. As a fan of anime as well as EDM (electronic dance music) I find this to be basically amazing. The animation is beautiful, the music is catchy, and the combination thereof tells an impressively compelling story in the 6 minutes it has to do so.

The short covers the story of Rin, a 17-year-old who lives out her days inside of a virtual reality, where she is able to create and explore a new world every day through the use of a tablet. This all changes one day when the world around her takes on a form of its own and she learns the nature of how she came to exist inside the simulation.

I highly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to watch. ^.^

Whelp, fingerprint scanners + lastpass are basically magic. Loving the 6P so far.

Just ordered a Nexus 6P. Time to re-familiarize myself with some androids.

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So I recently discovered that this was a thing. As a fan of a cappella and +Daft Punk, this is like crack for me. I've been listening to it almost constantly for days (as well as the entire Pentatonix repertoire).

Do yourself a favor and put this in your ears. :D

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Probably one of the better soundtracks for a game that I've heard in a long time. It has a mellow digital industrial lounge vibe going on that I can really get on board with. (The game was equally awesome, by the way)

The vocals are also pretty great. If you don't want to listen to the whole soundtrack, at least skip forward to "The Spine" at 8:18.

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Just had "All You Can Eat Wings" at Buffalo Wild Wings. I feel like this is their mascot.

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Love this song. Reminds me of old vidjima game music.

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Being a big fan of VVVVVV, I decided to listen to some of the music the other night, when I stumbled across this amazing reduction of my favorite song from the game, "Pushing Onwards". This guy sounds like 2-3 people are playing and is absolutely awesome.

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Today I was introduced to Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox. An entire channel filled with modern music converted to older genres? Yes please.

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I found this today. Beautiful.

+Nathan Ehresmann 
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