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THe new notifications have totally messed up the 'format' I get them in, one format I get in 'youtube', and another in ' google + '.

Pls see below to illustrate the problem.

That style is what I want, not the weird non workable ODD format google is trying to force down our throats.

How do I get that back, on 'youtube' ?

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Incredible scene with foreground Joshua tree and background rock formation standing there as proud & strong sentinel
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I received a message about 'content' I've posted that went against the rules apparently ?

I have no clue what they are talking about, as I don't post porn or commercial content or spam anyone. I talk about issues, retalk about them and 'engage' people , just like everyone else.

If someone reported me, its not because I wasn't cordial or had engaged them in d ecent disucsion, its because, most likely, they objected to the truth, and in this intense political climate we are in, they probably couldn't take the truth.

I am not sure what it was, because the automatic google message, didn't tell me precisely, what I had said, allegedly, so how do I find out what it allegedly was ? lol

This is silly.
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