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Sugar, honey honey
I was driving along the other day when I heard a reporter on the radio stating the World Health Organisation had suddenly changed it's mind on what it recommends for sugar intake. Not true. The recommendations have been less than 10% total intake since 2002...

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Who ate all the mince pies?
Hello again followers welcome to a long awaited blog post. As previously promised here is a post all about the festive period, and although Christmas may be over for another year, there's still some of he 'holiday' season left. So, on reflection how do you ...

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Supporting your nutrition
It's been a while again bloggers I'm afraid and apologies for that, I've recently moved jobs and have been busy with that, hopefully will get back to blogging now. So today, in follow up to recent posts about dietitian's not being the food police I thought ...

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Is fresh fruit really better?
Afternoon all, and welcome once again to my humble blog. Now as I'm sure you will have noticed simply by going to the supermarket food prices are on the way up - again. So this may mean that you're trying to think of ways to save a few pennies here and ther...

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Halloween Horrors?
It’s leading up to that time of year again. Temptation time.
You only have to step foot in the supermarket to be bombarded by offers of
large packets of chocolate, cake and other seasonal goodies. So what do you do
to avoid these ‘deals’? From my point of v...

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We are not the FOOD POLICE
I recently read a blog post from one of my old lecturers, who has now moved to sunnier climates, about what friends and acquaintances say to the would-be and then qualified dietitian. So, here is how a lot of conversations go with some one new, or who hasn'...

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Congratulations and celebrations...
The last few
days I have been thinking about my relationship with food and that of the a lot
of you lovely people out there too. After getting some good news, whatever that
might be, I think for me the last couple of months have held an awful lot of
good ne...

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Got the munchies?
It’s mid-morning, you’re sat there, and you have just
developed a serious case of the munchies! What happened? Well first things
first, did you have breakfast? If not, then there is one problem  easily solved, if you did, perhaps your
breakfast wasn’t enoug...

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Practising to be a dietitian: Placements
Placement starting today/this week? Well here is a blog post to help you navigate the next 4 or 12 weeks of your life. Here’s an insight in...
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