Okay, I know that this isn't novel, or surprising or even interesting -- especially coming from me -- but holy crap is SystemTap ever garbage. After all these years, it's still this easy to panic the system:

# stap -e 'global a; probe kernel.function("*") { a[0] <<< 1 } probe begin { print("SystemTap is still garbage.\n"); }'
WARNING: could not open /tmp/stap7CGygc/stapconf_20423d9794ca0c31976730fa91ed90ad_487.h: Invalid argument
SystemTap is still garbage.
[ System panics ]

Actually, the term "panic" is generous here, as the system appears to be triple faulting. And, of course, it actually took quite some time (tens of seconds) just to compile and load that enabling, so there's that. And then there's the nonsensical error message. And all of this is after @brendangregg went through great pains just to get it to work at all (see his recent tweets for details).

I don't want to put too sharp a point on it, but SystemTap is five years old; by this time in its life, DTrace was (essentially) no different than what it is today and was being used the world over in production systems. Is the world ready to acknowledge that SystemTap is not on a trajectory to ever catch up?
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