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Fours ago this March, we held the first (and so far, only) DTrace conference, dtrace.conf (, It was, in +Theo Schlossnagle's words, awesome. In fact, it was so awesome, that I didn't want to start holding it annually for its own sake. (My fears of mediocrity were heightened by +stephen o'grady, who pointedly observed to me that the only direction for what had been such a terrific conference was pretty much straight down.) But now as we approach the four year anniversary, it occurs to me that an Olympiad might be the right cadence: since 2008, a lot of terrific work has been done on, for and with DTrace -- and I know that I for one would love to hear from the likes of new faces like @slfritchie, @chrisandrews, @crispeditor-- and about the new DTrace-based work from familiar ones like +Adam Leventhal (of course), +Eric Schrock, +Matthew Ahrens, +Theo Schlossnagle, +Brendan Gregg, +Dave Pacheco, +Robert Mustacchi, +Mark Cavage, Matt Amdur and Jarod Jenson (among many others!).

So would there be interest in dtrace.conf(12) to be held in (say) March? Location would be in San Francisco, and it would be either a day or (given that the short length was the only complaint of the attendees) two. I would anticipate doing this again in an unconference style -- so I would ask that everyone come mentally prepared to present (if informally) or otherwise lead a discussion or session. To help me/us gauge interest in dtrace.conf(12), please leave a comment or a +1 here if you think you might come -- and here's to the new Olympiad!
dtrace.conf(08). dtrace.conf(08) was this past Friday, and (no surprise, given the attendees), it ended up being an incredible (un)conference. DTrace is able to cut across vertical boundaries in the s...
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This should be a great venue to share ideas, and I'd especially like to hear from the new faces in the DTrace community. Scott Lystig Fritchie's recent DTrace Erlang talk was pretty interesting, for example, presenting ideas that are applicable for other applications.
Would attend. Still diving into the subject after all these years
Not sure what I could contribute but I'd love to attend.
it's fun being the dumbest guy in the room.

i'm in.
Count me (and a few colleagues from Nexenta in) I'm sure ….
Brendan, thanks for the shout out. I'll most likely be able to attend in March, for zillions of reasons including correcting the errors I made in my last presentation about DTrace.
If it is open to the public, I would be interested in attending.
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