So in the planning discussion about Fate of the Flying Temple I had an idea about free stunts and niches and such, which might or might not see light in the actual FotFT text.

Taken out of that setting, the idea came down to this basically: restrict access to a character's free stunt slots; to use a free stunt slot, the ability represented by the stunt must tie back to your high concept.

In essence, the effect is this: it's easier/less costly to take stunts that tie into your high concept — your power set, if that applies — than it is to take stunts from outside of that. I can always spend a refresh to take another stunt that's not tying into my high concept, and if I've used all my free stunt slots I can still spend refresh to go further, faster. But by restricting what conceptual family of stunts are allowed to fill free slots, the player is driven to focus stunts more on high concept support than anything else.

It's a light touch thing, but I'd be interested to see how it acted in play.
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