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//Save Our Nature
It's a lovely morning that day, the weather was good & the color was really warm. It's beside a fisherman village so there were many trashes, ropes & strings from the boat. It's so beautiful as well as dirty.

#landscapephotography   #landscape   #nature   #sunrise  
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Yes, thats what we have to do!
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my heart

my feeling, my color, myself
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//from time to time

the temple was built in the mid 9th century by Sri Kahulunnan or Pramodhawardhani, the daughter of Samaratungga. the complex is made up of 174 small buildings, 116 are stupas and 58 are shrines. Many of the buildings have inscriptions. the dates of the inscriptions are between 825-850 AD.
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Thanks +Mikko Tyllinen
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Happy New Year everyone!
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Children is pure, cute, innocent, brave & free
Enjoy this photo

#potrait #people #dream 
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It's a marvellous shoot ! sharing ++++
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©2014 Gregorius Suhartoyo My images may not be reproduced in any form without my permission Twitter 500px Facebook
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Thanks +Dorma Wiggin
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Many happy returns of the day +Gregorius Suhartoyo :)
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NEW: In The Spotlight –– Announcement Post

It's time to show your fellow Google+ photographers some appreciation folks –– and I will provide you with the forum for exactly that; the brand new In The Spotlight circle.

What's the In The Spotlight circle?

It's a circle for my favorite photographers as well as yourself and your favorite people (it could be people you know or people you admire but never interacted with). It's the hottest circle yet here on Google+, a circle you definitely want to be a part of. 

Who can participate?

Anybody. As long as the main focus lies on photography. It's neither a pro circle, nor an amateur dito. It's a circle for great and active people loving the art of photography.

How can I be a part of this?

It's very simple. Just read on.

1. You ask for inclusion in the comments (in which case you reshare this post) and/or you tag your favorite photographers here on Google+ in your comment. I will choose my favorites from the persons you tag and add them to the circle.

2. You can help spread the word by resharing this post if you want to. If you do, I will add you to the circle (as long as your main focus is photography in your feed). If you feel that you don't want to reshare this post, then you are still free to tag your favorite photographers in the comments.

That's it. Simple as that.

What else is there?

You guessed right, there is more. After the first edition of this circle has been shared, there will be an event where we all can get to know each other better and show off our work. The event will last a month and I will pick my favorite pictures and showcase them here in my feed.

When will you share the first edition of the circle then?

That will happen when I have 250 participants. Everybody will be notified when it's time to share the circle, don't you worry.

There will also be a couple of surprises along the path, so make sure that you don't miss out on this great opportunity to get more attention and exposure.

Good luck and cheers!

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Gregorius Suhartoyo

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//little moment for me
we arrived late at the beach around 18.00, we're late because we chose wrong way from gps. Luckily there's a little moment left for me to capture ♥ 
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welcome george
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Gregorius Suhartoyo

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Lovely shot of +Alycia Miller 
A night shot from Baltimore Inner Harbor yesterday.

Nov 17, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland

#Maryland #photography #seascape   #longexposure #longexposurephotography #nightscapes #nightphotography
#NightPhotographyFriday by +Mark Hammon+Steve Passlow 
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Dear +Gregorius Suhartoyo you should delete this post. I close this account and created another new one here +Alycia Miller 
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Gregorius Suhartoyo is a portrait, scenery and culture photographer residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Beautiful scenes are the things that make me start doing photography. Always makes me feel happy, mellow, goosebump & exciting. Over the time he starts taking potrait and culture photography, and he fell in love with them. 

Moderator at, trying to help, share & support others' work to get more attention around the world :-)

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