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News and info about aSQLiteManager
News and info about aSQLiteManager

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Version 5.0 of the donate version now on Google Play. I have been rather busy but now I have some time again. Next step i to update the standard version to version 5.0.

The app can't edit empty BLOB field (as they are just treated as any other empty fields) but by defining the BLOB field with a default value at X’’ SQLite will see the field as a size 0 BLOB field with no data and you can edit the content of it.

BlobType TEXT)


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Version 3.5.1 of the donate version has been released on Google Play. It has better support for small devices and a few bug fixes.
Right now I am implementing a new file picker showing the files size and data and with support for sorting and filtering. 
On the screen dump you see databases (*.sqlite and *.db) sorted after date descending.
Hope to have it out soon!

A donate version has also been released. Buy it to support the development - and to be among the first to receive updates.

Version 3.5 have now been released on Google Play.
You can now:
Change the content of BLOB fields by tapping on them.
A more advanced filter builder.
The SQL editor fields now scrinks when you execute the query and allows you to see the data grid.
Simple import / export of data to CSV files. The number of fields in the CSV file must not be larger than the number of fields.

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What phone and Android are you using? I have tried the app on HTC Desire, Samsung XCover, Samsung Siii, Samsung Tab (I+II), Samsung Note (I+II) and Asus eeePad Transformer. Android 2.2, 2.3, 4.1 and 4.2.On all none of  them I get thevertical black line between the columns. It looks like the space between the columns becomes black lines not space...
Some feature requests:

1) Improve the clarity by adding some spacing between columns (as shown in the image below)

2) Make the table header fixed so scrolling doesn't lose the header, similar to Excel's fixed headers (a non-trivial problem to implement :-) )

3) Improve the performance when using page sizes of 100+  It takes a while to draw the page using page up/page down.

Also, it might be worth thinking about a paid/premium version as I see SQLite Editor has 50K downloads at $4 a pop. Your version is much better and you should be rewarded.  (
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Spatial data.
If you work with spatial data and Android you might want to try this app:
It is an experimental version of aSQLiteManager with SpatiaLite support. You can do spatial queries from the Query Viewer.

Save data from BLOB field to sdCard

Load data from sdCard to BLOB field

Support for spatial queries using spatialite
Make it possible to handle spatial data and do spatial queries from aSQLiteManager
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