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Gerard Raneri Your Mobile Dog Trainer
Is your dog driving you crazy? We can help, We come to you!
Is your dog driving you crazy? We can help, We come to you!

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it's been busy lately however if you have any questions I always have time to help. Here is the link to my websites free dog training consult.
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Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. to all my customers, Remember if you have any issues with your dogs, I'm only a phone call away!

Here are a few pic of the dogs I've been working with.

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It's Christmas! Maybe you have a friend or family member that needs help with their dog?

Here is a great Christmas Gift idea for dog lovers- click below.

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Meet Rocco - he's a puppy, only 10 months old.
Belgian Malinois. Very smart working dog. I'm often asked if they can be a good family dog. This dog is proof that the answer is yes. Like all breeds, each dog is unique, so not every dog makes a good family dog. Certain breeds are prone to certain behaviours, heelers heel. Beagles put their nose to the ground and track, you get my drift. Also it depends on what the dog was exposed to. All dogs learn the same no matter the breed. So how a dog is introduced to humans and how its socialized are very important. 
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Any age dog can be helped. This dog is pretty old and with some small changes, the dog settled down and went back to being herself. My point is if things change in your dogs life, it can be very upsetting to our dogs at any age. But if your dog is older, don't believe the old saying, that you can't teach an old dog new ...
it's not true! We help older dogs every day!

Visit us at

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here are a few of the dog's I worked with.

The GSD is about 10 weeks old. In the home there are a few other dogs, so a total of 3 dogs. It's always more difficult to train a puppy when you have another young dog around. The puppy would rather play with other dog then listen to the human. But many people want more than one dog and we always work it out. I suggest doing thing with your all your dog separately. This is to avoid separation anxiety. If they get use to talking walks alone or going for a drive alone, this will help gain confidence in the dogs or puppy without the other dog around.
Visit me website for other tips and details.

The other puppy is a Basset Hound. He was a ball to train with. He's ears are amazing.

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Here's a few of the great dogs I've been working with. From socializing to walking to heel, we can help. I even got to go to Del Mar to help a client on the beach with her dog.
Visit my website for more information
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Are Mesquite Beans Bad For Our Dog's?

Have you ever noticed how some dogs can't leave mesquite beans alone? In fact most dogs love them! The reason they can't leave them alone is because they are sweet tasting and our dogs like the sweet stuff.
I'm always asked if they can hurt dogs. Mesquite Beans are not toxic to dog or humans.
One thing I have noticed if my dog eats too many, he has to poop a lot more. That's because it's fiber. The worry I have is if someone sprayed pesticides in the area and they got on the beans. If enough pesticides gets on the beans, it will be toxic to our dogs. Some beans do become very moldy
(always consult your Vet if you have canine medical questions)

So don't stress it if your dog eats the beans in your own backyard because you know what's in your own backyard and you know it's safe. But I would not let my dog eat them off the street or anyplace I'm not sure of.
From a dog training perspective, I have a question. Will your dog listen when you give the "leave it" command?

If your dog ignores you when you tell her/ him to "leave it" then you have a training project to work on.

I think the leave it command is a great way to keep your dog safe. Let's say you're taking your morning medication and you drop a pill; many dogs will dive for whatever has dropped to the floor... then eat it without even smelling ivêt! It's gone! So getting your dog to a place that they will listen to your command and leave it alone is the goal.

There are a few ways to teach this command. I like using positive reinforcement. I start this on leash and reward the dog for leaving the dropped item. As I drop the item, I give the leave it command. If the dog hold focus on me, I praise the dog. Take your time, if he goes towards the item, don't over react, just a light redirection and as soon as he looks at you, praise him. It's going to take time but if you become proactive and set up the situation over and over,
You'll be surprised how quickly your dog will catch on.

Please, visit my website at

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It's almost July and on July 4th some of our dogs become very stressed. The link below address July 4 safety tips for your dog. As well as helping your dog be safe in our Tucson heat. Dog Training Mobile is a local Tucson Dog Training company. Local First supporter. Please read our tips dog training tips below

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This young maltipoo (Cortana) has had her 2nd dog training lesson with me today. She was so much more relaxed at the door and meeting me today compared to last week. The owners did their homework and it really shows.
I go to the dog's natural environment and help the owners in their real life situations. This pooch over reacts to the doorbell and many other noises in the home by barking. It's what I call panic barking, it's actually a startle reflex that we see in many "Reactive Dogs". While this dog is not aggressive at all, once she learns to trust the new person she's very affectionate. Her temperament is on the timid / reactive side.
So how do we help a dog like this?
Helping her change for the right reason is key. If a dog stops an
unwanted behavior out of fear that's not a long term solution. She'll release that unwanted behaviour in other ways because it's not truly resolved. Not to mention using fear or pain to train isn't acceptable and often times creates other problems in our dogs.
Our family pet (dog) needs to know we are there to keep them safe and it's not there job to protect us. If the dog thinks that's their job, of course there will be conflict in the pack.

Bond, trust and mutual respect are the buzzwords used to describe the ingredients in our canine / human relationship. You can use your own but it's always a balance. If all we do is love on our dog, there isn't balance.

We all can gain respect from our dogs without the use of fear or pain.
Building her trust through leadership & guidance she'll become more trusting, she'll start to feel safer and she has a clear direction in her pack because your position in the pack is clear. If a dog is all over the place how do they know their roll? Balancing the pack is a key ingredient. "Leadership without force"
If your dog needs help and you want more information about my system, please check out my website
Or call me Gerard Raneri 520-440-8848
We service the Tucson & surrounding areas.
June 9, 2016
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