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Gerard Raneri Your Mobile Dog Trainer
Is your dog driving you crazy? We can help, We come to you!
Is your dog driving you crazy? We can help, We come to you!


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looking for some tips on how to keep your dog safe this summer? Tucson can be tough on your dog during the summer months.
Monsoons, excess heat, snakes ....

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This is really sweet!

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I hope you all has a happy new year celebration. I had lots of fireworks in my area. Luckily my dogs do not react to them unless they are very loud.

The way to get your dog use to loud noises is to slowly expose them to low level noises like Home Depot, the saws make noise people driving forklifts and so on... Lowes also lets you bring dogs in if they behave.
You can even buy CD's that mimic thunder and storms.

If your dog reacts to loud noises like thunder, fireworks and things like that and you tried to desentize him or her you may need help from a trainer that understands Behaviour Modification or talk to a vet for direction.

However if your dog is able to deal with a little noise at a time, you can go slowly and use lots of positive reinforcement. As always feel free to call me for more info.
There are not quick fixes for many dog issues, we always have to take into account your dogs temperament and the dogs life experiences. Best of Luck for 2018, be healthy and happy tails to you and yours.
I'll post soon, Check this post below.

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Dog Training Mobile's Gerard Raneri is discussing how to keep your child safe during Halloween and all year long! Click our link for details.
Our dogs get very excited with all the doorbell ringing and when you approach someone's door, you don't know how their dog will react. Read my tips to heep your kids safe!

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Dog Safety Tips for July 4th!

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July 4th can be tough on some dogs, check out our Tucson TV KGUN 9 tips to help your dog feel and stay safe

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it's been busy lately however if you have any questions I always have time to help. Here is the link to my websites free dog training consult.
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Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. to all my customers, Remember if you have any issues with your dogs, I'm only a phone call away!

Here are a few pic of the dogs I've been working with.

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It's Christmas! Maybe you have a friend or family member that needs help with their dog?

Here is a great Christmas Gift idea for dog lovers- click below.

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