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Local SEO for Lawyers -Google Places Ranking - Smartphone Google Ranking
Local SEO for Lawyers -Google Places Ranking - Smartphone Google Ranking

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Sales Copy is Sales Repellent ( if you don't rank in Google yet)

#lawyermarketing look at 100 law firm websites… if you were Googlebot what would you see?

a sea of sameness … with all of them harping the same sales copy, there’s little reason for Googlebot to consider moving you up or demoting who’s currently #1 ranked
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Does anyone know of a case where a lawyer sued Google, and Google deindxed them in retribution?

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Custody Lawyer Poll: Different states use different legal terms

Maryland calls "Child Custody" custody
Texas calls "Child Custody" conservatorship

What term does YOUR state use to define custody?
respondents will get a link and a blurb describing their lawfirm

Apparently Texas elects to not use the word custody, in my attempts to find out why, I learned conservatorship is a legal concept, similar to but not exactly the same as legal guardian, custody is a form of guardianship, what I do not yet know is what each state’s nuances are and what legal “hairs they split”, and I’ll post a link back to the first law office in each state that replies back to the poll


Question: which states, other than Texas call "custody" "conservatorship"?

I'm in Maryland, and Maryland uses the term custody
Apparently Texas does not, they call it conservatorship

How many other states use conservatorship as opposed to custody?

Website hacked question: I can see in one of my clients google search console 404 not found errors for a couple hundred porn urls in a WordPress site... there are no porn urls anywhere on the site ( hence the 404 is accurate) how might a malicious hacker pull this off?
Negative SEO from a vindictive web developer?
Injection of some sort?
I changed the MySQL password just in case.
Any ideas on how they did this?
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The next time a get a group text from folks I don’t know I’m gonna reply with:
I am KGB agent, every time you reply I am charging another flat screen Tv to your amazon account. Happy Christmas capitalists
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Check your clients Manta citations:
One of my clients had locksmith spam

+Steve Wiideman check your clients manta listings - they’re replacing your clients number with a tracking number- worse one of my clients had locksmith spam for the tracking number
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Office Cleaning in Maryland by All Clean Inc
322 West Patrick street, Frederick Maryland 21701
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