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google maps wtf??
says its 25 mins walk to nearest bus stop
(its less than 1)
shows me this route

so instead of leave front door turn left your there

it starts with go out back door, jump wall into graveyard, spend 25 mins taking long way back to your own front door ;)
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short notice
anyone wanna goto gary numan @olympia tonight friend has tickets they cant use so i grabbed em ;)
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london goffs: slimelight tonight, go on, go on, go on, ye will, ye will, ye will, havnt seen ye inn aaages come out to play ;)
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londoners, before i get an axe murderer on airbnb anyone have a couch to lend this weekend possibly thurs/fri-mon (meeting some friends over from brazil while they are in this part of the world (so out most nights, just) need naps and place to ditch bag
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Various less technical folks have been asking a lot about what they should be doing about the new exploits. These are my personal opinions.

1. Most embedded devices are probably not affected because a) they typically use small low power processors that don't speculate or not much. b) they only run code that was loaded on them by the vendor. Many don't even implement any kind of internal security model so this exploit doesn't make them any less secure than they were - which for much Internet of Things stuff is alas not very.

2. If your personal desktop/laptop is set up as things typically are with you having a single login that lets you do everything then all your apps don't need this exploit to hack one another and you are pretty much trusting the suppliers of them as well as your OS supplier. What you do need to care about big time is javascript because the exploit can be remotely used by javascript on web pages to steal stuff from your system memory. Mozilla and Chrome both have pending updates. and some recommendations about protection. Also consider things like Adblockers and extensions like noscript that can stop a lot of junk running in the first place. Do that ASAP. When OS updates appear apply them.

3. If you are using a public cloud then make sure your cloud provider has taken appropriate measures to protect your virtual machine from everyone else. Actually updating your own guest kernel is less of a priority. If your provider does not have a fix then now is a good time to practice that recovery plan you should have for what to do when your cloud provider goes down.....

4. Phones are a bit more complicated but if you've got a cheap crappy phone the chances are the processor in it is not that vulnerable and you get to laugh at people with ultra high tech toys. What we don't have yet is any good list of processors which are not affected but judging by the ARM provided list of afflicted processors it seems likely that an awful lot of low end phone stuff simply isn't going to be vulnerable in the first place.

Overall though the general rules apply because it's not the only vulnerability that is going to be discovered this year, and it doesn't take a security hole to break a system. So keep backups, test they work and have an up to date plan for what to do if/when your machine gets hit by something evil (or for that matter gets killed by coffee, cats, fire or other natural disasters).

Do you have the phone number to cancel your bank cards if you have no computer or internet ?.
Do you know how to restore a backup on a new machine ?
If you are dealing with proprietary software do you have copies of any license keys ?
What plan do you have to change passwords on accounts and how will you do it with no PC of your own working?

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thanks to those who have already provided 'character references' and to others who remember incidents where i declined your offer due to your inebriation or intervened on your behalf with another, or even (mostly guys) who i have cautioned against perusing someone till their intended is sober. (i know your out there)

please get in touch(if wanting to comment anon) or comment on the linked site and rest assured if you would prefer to remain anon I will respect that. this is not to change any opinions, its to inform those who havn't directly experienced this, that I have a long history of doing this, well known to all who know me.
(yes the fact that most who have experienced this or know me well enough have left these shores or the scene, or in some cases have other unrelated reasons to not like me)

either way yes the mudslinging is ongoing still any public debate helpful to try and spark some movement in any direction. as otherwise they simply intend not to stop, and few (here on scene) willing to publicly talk about any of it. good or bad.

I am but talking to a wall is exhausting
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It is worth reflecting on just how wildly unsupported by the public and wrong the FCC is on its effort to end an Open Internet.
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