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PDFCreator, an Online Tool for converting Documents to PDF.
I came across this tool which lets you convert PDF documents to Power Point files in ppt. format, should you need for editing or creating interactive slide shows. This is a free tool and is widely used by Students, Professors and public speakers around the ...

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The Tech Goggles is Back!
Dear all, I would like to apologize for not posting last week due to personal problems. The Tech Goggles will continue today! Hope you all enjoy reading the articles :) Alex Cutajar

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Adobe had been attacked by Hackers
As this link  reports, Adobe, the company behind your Flash Player, Photoshop, AutoCad, and so on and so forth, was being hacked earlier today. The act included illegal access to the company's customer information and code related to its programs. It is bel...

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Messagin Problems With iOS7
There had been problems with messaging with people using iOS7. It seems that sometimes messages are failing to send. This is not due a signal fault, but due to the new software update. It seems that users have come up with a remedy to "by- pass" this, by re...

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Windows XP to die in Munich
Microsoft is to stop giving support to the still popular version of Windows, Windows XP in April 2014. Windows XP is still popular with old desktop PCs, as it is perhaps the best Windows Version released by Microsoft, being stable and efficient.  After Micr...

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The Microsoft Realm and How To Tackle It.
As an Example, I'm going to take into consideration our Maltese IT Degree. The Microsoft Realm in Our Studies. I am currently reading a course in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta. Here in Malta, IT is considered as one of the strongest sec...

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Apple iPhone 5s Review -
Here's a full review for the Apple iPhone 5s, containing 12 pages of packed information, so that you can now know its key features, advan...

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More bad news for Black Berry.
Black Berry have suspended their new Android and iOS Black Berry Messenger Apps. The application was initially halted on Saturday when an...

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New iOS is making users Sick
It seems that some Apple customers and iOS users seem not happy at all with the new iOS update. The new flashy update makes some users go...

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Gran Turismo 6 May be Available for PC
Developers Polyphony Digital may have a treat for you. It seems that one of the most popular PlayStation Games, maybe released for PC rat...
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