Mid-Year Budget Cut Information

From:   William Jenkins, Interim Chancellor
To:       LSU faculty, staff and students
Date:   December 20, 2012
Re:      Mid-Year Budget Information
As you are probably aware, state revenue projections are lower than anticipated, resulting in a mid-year budget cut that will affect Louisiana public higher education.
LSU has been notified the reduction in FY 2012-13 state appropriations to LSU will be $3.4 million and we must submit the campus reduction plan to the LSU System Office by Friday, December 21.
Earlier this year LSU announced an increased enrollment to include the largest incoming freshman class since admissions standards were first implemented in 1988. The tuition revenue associated with greater enrollment will offset the effects of a mid-year cut on basic services, so individual units on campus will not be asked to reduce their budgets. Unfortunately, this mid-year cut results in a loss of funds for LSU that would otherwise be available for additional services to support an expanding student body.
It is due to the hard work and the dedication of the LSU faculty and staff and the commitment of our students that we have this increased revenue to fall back on in this time of need.
As state leaders look to prioritize, we can demonstrate with pride LSU's performance in student retention and graduation rates, commitment to student financial access during these difficult times, and research productivity. Performance needs to matter. As a higher education community, we must also look internally and think about how we move forward. The LSU Board of Supervisors has taken a leadership role to look at the reorganization of the LSU System as a way to be more efficient, direct savings to fulfilling the mission, enhance collaborations and improve performance.
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