LSU2015 Update from William Jenkins

To:  LSU System Faculty, Staff and Students
From:  William Jenkins
Date:  February 26, 2013
Re:  LSU 2015
The process for the reshaping of LSU is well underway and it is my hope you are following and participating in the process. These are historic times as we have engaged faculty, staff, students and alumni from across the state to help create an LSU that can compete and excel in the rapidly changing environment of higher education in the 21st century.
More than 75 individuals from across the LSU System are participating in a series of meetings that will change LSU forever. You can monitor the progress of this re-organization process – called LSU2015 – by going to Also, we are making every effort to stream each meeting live via the Internet. You can find all of the live streams and archived videos at

LSU’s Transition Advisory Team, the 10-member panel tasked with investigating best practices and developing information for the LSU Board of Supervisors in the re-organization process, has already met three times.  Among those meetings was a day-long Immersion Workshop when the Team heard from Dr. Stan Ikenberry, the former president of the University of Illinois and of the American Council of Education, who provided insight into the efforts of other universities to prepare for the challenges of the future.  Other expert testimony will be employed to bring as much expertise to the process as possible
Five sub-committees have also been commissioned in the areas of Academics, Finance and Revenue, Research and Discovery, Student Experience, and Technology and Operations.  The sub-committees are designed to generate information in specific areas of focus and will meet no less than three times each in order to produce reports to the Transition Advisory Team. Every sub-committee will have met at least once by the end of this month.
To dig even deeper into each of those areas, Task Force Groups have been created to focus on specific areas of priority. There are six Task Force Groups working on various subjects related to re-organization. These areas include commercialization and technology transfer, streamlining, external affairs, administrative services, revenue generation and technology.
I encourage you to follow this process closely because it affects everyone on every campus in the LSU System. All meeting schedules are posted at, as well as all presentations seen by the committees and press releases summarizing the discussions. I also encourage you to share your thoughts by writing to
Thank you for your continued service to and support of LSU.
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