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Robert Schultz
Senior Manager, Engineering at, changing the world by finding new ways to discover your family history.
Senior Manager, Engineering at, changing the world by finding new ways to discover your family history.

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For those living in the valley, a great breakdown of info for you to consume.

So, our grueling twenty four hour hackathon has come to a close and I'm finally getting back to normal. I want to thank our team and had a lot of fun with +Nirmal Selvaraj , +Dave Menninger, +Edward Pearson, +Max Sayenko, +Jin Lee, +Alex Arkhipov, +Sarita Tripathy, +Dave Britton, +Charlene Chen among others. It was a surreal experience throughout the night and we really pushed ourselves to the limits building some kick ass products. Our team was able to come up with an idea, execute it and push every feature from idea phase to reality. Attempting to pitch an idea for five minutes running on zero sleep when you're on edge and your nerves are shot is not the best experience but next time maybe the sleep schedule can be better coordinated ;) Until next time.

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At first Google+ was awesome. But it seems there is not much going on in G+ in regards to value it's just posts from high profile bloggers flooding my stream and G+ tip and trick links.

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In 2004 or so, people were really afraid of "social networking." Most had no interest in it, and a standard journalist question was "Aren't sites like MySpace killing 'real' human interaction?" How is talking to someone via a given "technology" (hand-written letters, telegraph, phone, email, IM, social network) any less "real"? To me, that's like saying your ears and your eyes aren't "real." For a deaf person a working "ear" is a pretty awesome piece of technology. It's not how you reach out to another human being that matters -- it's whether a connection is made. It's not the medium that determines the value of the interaction. If there is spark set off in the mind and soul of another, then that's "real" human interaction. Now, with something like 25-50% of all new US relationships (dating) starting online, I think people are getting over this fear. Ok, gotta run, my friends are mad I'm spending too much time on G+

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Great talk today at Ancestry with guest Christopher Brown from Opscode and founding engineer on Amazon EC2. I love hearing these guys speak who have dealt with mass amounts of scaling and elasticity. Properly building your application to scale can be a difficult task and it's inspiring hearing success stories from the source.

Why doesn't Apple just buy Hulu so they can roll that into their iCloud offerings and offer streaming TV shows to all paying iCloud customers.

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iPhone app is out today!
iPhone, meet Google+

Share just the right stuff, with just the right circles :-)

This app should be rolling out over the next few hours. Try getting it here:

Trying out OSX Lion. I've been slacking a lot of spending time within OSX even though I still argue it's a better general purpose operating system than windows if you want to spend the money on the hardware. I ordered an Apple TV this weekend, so I want to start integrating my devices now within the house.
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