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A Yankee Mom in Texas
Unseemly confessions and absurd musings that serve no practical purpose.
Unseemly confessions and absurd musings that serve no practical purpose.

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My little "Stop complaining, FB world!" rant on Families in the Loop just posted. Go read it! And "like" it within the post (at the bottom)! (Or be mean and feel free to ague.) (Or agree by posting a photo of the handmade kale chips you're eating for lunch.)

I almost took a photo of the packaged ramen with extra soy sauce I made for the kids, but I felt like that would be bragging.

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I worry I'm botching it up. But I'd rather botch it and try, than sit back and say nothing. This matters to me, and I want my kids growing up knowing I care.

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The one in which we go to Wisconsin and Rob throws boiling water on his head...and the photo-documentation in the form of a printable flip book that proves I'm always right.


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In case you missed this early yesterday morning. It's the illustrated story of the state of my heart on Christmas and the hairy-dog-blanket-stealing thief who blackened it. And puke. Lots of it.

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Rob lies feverish in bed, and I ignore him and watch movies while drawing. My gift to the world: This mean-spirited illustrated post.

Merry Christmas!

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Go ahead - read and judge. At least I woke up, saw the light, and made my kids hate me more. Yay me!

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Hey look! It's me! And once again I'm sharing too much with the world, but maybe you all can learn from my crazy. Or laugh behind my back.

If you like, hit "like" within the post at the bottom! And then you can laugh or gloat all you want. ;)

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The biannual nightmare is upon us: the kids are headed to the dentist. If you're a praying person, please give God a shout-out to my gag factor. My throat's already tight just looking at my drawings here.

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Six simple steps and a video...and voila! You, too, can have a weird husband who is singing 'Gangnam Style' to two robotic children who can simultaneously pound on each other AND point to South Korea on the map.

If only the world knew how easy it was.

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A few revelations this Thanksgiving break:
1) Wearing sweatpants for seven days straight is as awesome as it sounds.
2) Briskly walking the dog in seven-day-stretched-out sweatpants is as dumb as it sounds.
3) My neighbors may need new eyeballs.
4) Me + sweatpants + warm fire + being lazy = this posting.
5) My husband is not for sale, delicious as he sounds.
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